Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Review

Early in July I began my taper for Muncie 70.3... Then Muncie 37.2 happened....I honestly was not prepared to put more intense time in the pool, bike and running...I was and still am a bit worn out....However I knew in my heart I needed to attempt another 70.3 and so I have registered for...

July In Numbers:

Swimming: 8000m (This is probably closer to about 11000m or 11k...I had 4 outdoor 20minute swims...probably 750m each minimum). Not as high as I would have liked and well it is Aug and I haven't even been to the pool is what it is....the swimming is about finishing for me...totally not time...

Cycling: 449km This is my highest cycling number to date. Most likely because of the MS bike tour...I am feeling good about this and happy with where I am....

 Running: 116km VERY low for me....eek.....not great....I wish I had run more....but alas it is what it is...actually I have had some good tempo runs recently....I know that I will get my speed back after the 70.3. Night now it is about feeling comfortable, steady and strong after rides....

17 more days until Steelhead. I am battling a pretty bad Sinus infection at the moment...So I have missed the pool 2x this week and may not get there tomorrow...the pressure is very goal is simply to finish with a huge smile on my face at Steelhead...I have no time goals just have fun! Now here are some pictures of my Muncie Race...the Hubby did an amazing job. Also a HUGE shout-out to my next door neighbour who organized the BEST welcome home party a girl could ask for :)

Happy August Everyone!!!!


  1. Great that you are registered for another 70.3! Hope you are feeling great by then! Happy training.

  2. Sounds like an incredible amount to me! Love the pics:) GREAT smile:)