Monday, August 23, 2010

A Mid Summer Nights Run Recap

On Friday night I attempted to leave the city by 5pm at the latest in order to make the 2hour trek to Toronto....Well I ended up not leaving until well after 6pm....I got on Hwy 401 and sure enough an hour into my drive it turned into a parking lot....a 2 hour drive ended in a 4 hour wasn't too bad as there were some great programs on CBC and surprisingly I was in an okay mood...however I was nervous about sitting for 4 hours cramped in a car driving legs did start to feel a little stressed but I was able to make it to my brother and sister-in law's house by just after 10:30pm. My Sister-In Law was so great in hosting me over the weekend...She had a very TASTY pasta dinner ready for me when I arrived...She is just getting back into running after a year at home with my niece and being pregnant etc....she has run a 3:58:00 marathon and multiple triathlons...She is hardcore...So it was nice to ask her lots of questions and I think she was excited to talk running again!!

I went to bed reading "Born to Run" and had visions of channeling my inner tarahumara...

I woke up after a somewhat restful sleep and spent the morning eating, and playing with my niece...we even went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood to pick up some things for lunch...Today was a challenge with fueling...I am so NOT used to running this distance at night...I had a carblicious breakfast and lunch but found myself pretty hungry before the race...

My good friend Lindsay soon arrived and we made out way down pretty early to the start line...We got out race kits (which included a fabulous New Balance Hoodie) went back to the car and then had some more food (basically a very plain sub)...I probably shouldn't have eaten an hour and a half before the race...I was hungry so I didn't want to starve...but it wasn't the best idea....

We made it back to the start again to meet up with our good friends (sorry for the lack of pictures...the weather was not looking so great so I left the camera in the car)....I briefly introduced myself to Marlene ...I was pretty nervous doing so...I have be honest in saying that I was pretty "star struck" she was so nice and so down to earth and just an all around great runner and blogger...

I really did not know what to expect as it was my first time racing this distance and I did not know the area of Toronto very well...

My goal was really to finish in between 3:15:00-3:22:00

I was surprisingly calm the at the start....There were LOTS of people in costumes, fun music playing and we were all just having a great helped to calm the nerves...also it was a smaller race so I didn't feel claustrophobic or over crowded....

The first 10km: This was a pretty industrial area....I had started to run this part with my friend Lindsay and we chatted a bit and just enjoyed watching new things around us...I was probably pacing a bit faster than I really wanted...BUT I was so I tried to slow down a bit but not too much...

The run through Tommy Thompson park was really could see the water, it was scenic and it was an out and back so I LOVED seeing all the running running on their way was motivating...during this time it started to have a subtle rain which was really nice as it was pretty humid...I was doing an okay job at taking water/nuun however my stomach was either really nervous or upset from the sub that I did not take any legs were starting to feel sore but overall I thought I was keeping a good pace so I didn't let it bother me too much....

I passed the 21.1km mark at: 2:12:51 a PERSONAL BEST by 2 mins 34seconds! Are you Kidding me??!?! I was pretty pumped at this point...and also pretty scared that I had gone out WAY TOO FAST....

The last 9km were tough...we headed into the Ashbridge's Bay Park was starting to get dark and I tried to keep my pace but I know it slipped a bit...I was also pumped that it was almost over....I headed and SPRINTED to the finish (I think I had a bit of a fist pump...hello Jersey Shore)

Time: 3:09:53!!!!!! I think that I am still in complete SHOCK! I actually raced and ran by how I felt...I did my 10:1's the whole entire time...

Here were my Lap times:


Including my walk breaks I had an overall pace of 6:19/km...not too shabby....I am feeling excited for Chicago and what will come...I think this race gave me a boost of confidence...

Check out the BLING!! I also bought a shirt from last year for $5 bucks!

All my Loot!!

All in all this was a great race...I would LOVE to do it again next year....I am still tired and stiff from the weekend....lots of stretching and icing but racing this was just what I needed....I am still on cloud 9....

Up for this week:

Tempo Tuesday: 6km
Hilly Wednesday: 11km including 9 hills
Steady Thursday: 8km
Friday: If I am feeling it a LONG SLOW 23km...if biggie!

Happy Running!!!


  1. GREAT job!! I haven't met Marlene in person..but I would be the same. :)

  2. Awesome job - you smashed your goal! It would be tough to plan for a long race that late in the day since normally they are all so early...the timing appeared to work for you though!

  3. Hey Lish! It was so nice to meet you and I'm glad you came over to say HI!! It was fun seeing you on the course a couple times too - I love out n backs!

    HUGE CONGRATS on totally killing your goal! You ran so consistently and hello speedy last KM! You must be over the moon!

    Chicago, here you come...

  4. Great run!! I am thinking about that one for next year, if I can mentally get past 21.1km !! Good luck in Chicago!!!!!!