Monday, August 30, 2010


After last Tuesday's run I decided to take an recovery week and rest up...My IT band is still bothering me...I have been doing lots of stretching/icing/rolling....I will be super excited to get out there tomorrow and do a tempo run...I am not going to lie...I feel like a complete couch potato and my nutrition has been horrible...I had my annual University Girls Weekend(Go Hawks Go...WLU)....lots of bad for you foods...I will make better choices this week!

Hoping to have some good news about the IT band after tomorrow's run...

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  1. Hope your next run goes well! Thanks for posting that article in your last post. As I was debating skipping from run and taking an easy week due to some various pain, I decided to do the same. That article pointed out most get injured at week 11...I just finished week 12, imagine that!