Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marathon Training Week 1 Recap...Plus Green Smoothie :)

Hi Bloggy World:

Week One had some ups and a little bit of a down:

Sunday: 10km: Great hilly run with good friends. Snowy as usual :)
Monday: 45mins Cycle
Tuesday: 6km (My very first Noon Hour Run!!! Woot Woot!) 30mins Wii Fit Work Out
Wednesday: 10.30km Snowy again...
Thursday: 6km..More snow...slowed it down as it was mighty slippy out!

All in all I was feeling great...Friday was a Scheduled Rest Day and Sat. I wanted to attend a Hot Yoga Class...Unfortunately without getting into all of the crazy details...and re-living the trauma...Friday night I ended up in Emerg. severely dehydrated...not quite sure what it was...CT Scan's had...luckily I have an amazing family, friends and a super Dr. Dad....All was well but I was a mess in the end....I could barely do anything on Sat/Sun/Mon....Today I was able to go back to work and hope to start running again sometime this week....

I missed a few runs but I know that I will get back into it....I am not worried...I might try a dreadmill run tomorrow...just feel a little bit safer starting in a controlled environment!

Happy Faces...All is Good!

Weekly Weigh In : -5.6lbs

I jumped on the Bandwagon Tonight and made my first Spinach Smoothie...Super Tasty...This has become a favourite...

Lots o' Spinach
Frozen Strawberries
2 Prunes (pitted)
Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt

Blend it all up!

Happy Running!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre-Marathon Week Recap

Hi Bloggy Friends,

It has been a while since my last post...Last week was my Pre-Marathon Start week...It entailed getting back into a routine and schedule...

Here is my Recap:

Sunday: 7km Run with Running Group and 30min Wii Fit Plus Core Work Out
Monday: 30mins Cycle and 30min Wii Fit Core Work Out
Tuesday: 6km Run, Stretching and 37mins of Wii Fit Core
Wednesday: 6km Run and 32mins of Wii Fit Core
Thursday: 6km Run
Friday: 30mins Cycle and 30mins of Wii Fit Core
Saturday: 60min of Hot Yoga

The week started off great...It felt good to get back into a routine again...I find that I can be a bit more productive when on routine...I hate doing core workouts and am now using my new X-Mas present the Wii to help...I find that the stretching and balance exercises are actually helping out a great deal...hoping that this will help since my Core is in DIRE need to help....


I am trying to focus on speed...but with Speed and the Winter it can't happen...

A) I feel completely weighed down by my winter running clothes...It is cold here right now...
B)The sidewalks are completely covered with snow...I feel like I am running in sand...but without looking like some Hot Life Guard from Baywatch....

Sooo I will continue to train and hope that the side walks won't affect my training too much...The snow hasn't defeated me yet!

Like so many other runners I am reading "Racing Weight"

I am finding it an excellent read...I have struggled with my weight for many years. While on Weight Watchers I was able to loose 40lbs in 2008. I was able to keep off up until Chicago Marathon 30lbs...I was pretty proud of that weight loss and have taken many key things from the Weight Watchers program...but now with my training I need a different program and need to look at food as fuel for my training...

I am not at my racing weight...I have a goal weight loss in mind and hope to acheieve before my Fall Marathon Training begins later on in the spring...I believe that this will help my running tremendously...I am taking it one week/one day at a time...I will keep people posted on progress and at some point should probably bring out some pictures...

To Date: I am down 4lbs which is great...One thing I learned and will always take away from WW is slow steady loss...It is the only way to keep it off!

Happy Running!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nothing Like the First Run of the Year!!

This morning I had a great 6.95km run with Lindsay. It was slow and steady...During this run I got to use for the first time one of my Christmas Presents...

I got a Polar Heart Rate Monitor from my Dad and David! Thanks Guys...It ROCKS!!!! I was so excited to use it...I have a few friends who have been using them for years and have been signing its praises...I am pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it...I am still in the initial stages and getting used to it...I will blog more on specifics in posts to come...

I came home from the run and immediately started take down the Christmas Decorations...
It made me sad but I am actually happy to be a little clutter free and have such a nice fresh start feeling...

I knew that after today's activities I would not feel like cooking dinner so I used one of our favorite Crock-pot recipes from Heather over at Heather Drive. I have been reading her blog for ages...it is not running related but she makes a lot of quick, easy and healthy meals....So tonight I made : Slow-Cooked Mexican Chicken. You should check out her blog...her recipe index is AMAZING!

Now it doesn't look that appetizing in this picture BUT I promise you it is delicious....

Minimal ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Corn
  • Salsa
  • Red Pepper
  • Onion
Cheese and Green Onion for topping...I put it over rice or sometimes we will have it in tortillas! Super yummy, easy and totally guilt free!!

Today was a good day...We are in the process of making some space in our basement to put a bike trainer...The hubby got one for Christmas and he is very nice to let me use it....so I am hoping to get a few bike work outs this week...

Does anyone have any good recipe website they use????

Happy Running :)