Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exciting Week

Hi All,

It has been quite the week...I think I am still on a High after my Half-Marathon PR from last week...if you missed it you can check it out here

The Husband Surprised Me on Wednesday with a Package in the Mail:

What is it?????

A new Garmin Forerunner 305!!! Yay!!! I had an old forerunner 101 and it was starting to go wonky...Hubs rocks...he wanted me to have it before Mississauga and be able to train for Chicago with it...I am still figuring out all the bells and whistles...I am loving it so far! Thanks Hubby!!!

A couple of weeks ago I won a Giveaway by the Fabulous Sandy at Sassy Runner Girl...She rocks...go check her out! I am so excited to use my Lululemon Key Cuff this week :)

I also got my Runnerd Sticker in my mail from Candice over at I Have Run...Go check her out too!!!!

Training Wise

Monday: REST DAY
Tuesday: Recovery 6km
Wednesday: 10km
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF/Sports Massage
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 29km

I am feeling extremely stiff and legs are not recovery well from the half...this has happened in the past so I am not freaking out too much just yet....I went to my Massage Therapist on Friday...she pretty much beat me up...I was left sore/bruised (this is normal for me :(...). I think I was still recovering from that and that is why today's run was just sluggish and tired...I have taken the time today stretching and now am about to use my new toy...

I use my Pro-Grid Roller for the IT band and I used to use a rolling pin...It wasn't cutting it any far I am quite enjoying this...I need to get a bit better with stretching...I am praying that things start to feel a bit better this week...I don't want to cut back my mileage any more than I have already....stupid sore/tired muscles...Here is hoping for a better week with them this week...Next weekend will be my LAST LONG RUN before the taper...I am getting excited!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Run for Retina Half Marathon Race Recap 2011

Okay...I totally forgot to do a goals post...But here is what I was planning on doing...

Official PR was: 2:15:25 at last year's Run for Retina
Somewhat the Mid-Summer Nights Run they had a 21.1km check point and I did a 2:12:51 so I was REALLY REALLY hoping for Under 2:11:59...So a Pace of 6:15/km since my pace was just over that for Around the Bay I thought it would be manageable...

Yesterday I relaxed with Family in the Morning and afternoon...went and got my Hair French Braided in Pig Tails (It is my favourite to run in) and then had a yummy pasta dinner with Friends...this was my first time that I didn't really pay attention to my pre-race rituals...I did hydrate some but wasn't too serious like previous races...

Went to bed at a decent time but had a horrible sleep...pretty much was up every few hours...I think it was nerves or the dog...who knows...not a good night tummy was somewhat upset this morning but I think it was anxiety based...The hubby dropped me off at the starting line and I mingled with friends while he went and picked up another friend...they were able to come just before the start to get some pictures!

Lindsay, Catherine, Myself and Lindsay's mum Cathy who Ran her FIRST 5km! So excited for her and Lindsay ran it with her...I just love stories like those!!!

PS. That sweet purple mickey mouse sweatshirt with the collar (classy I know) has been in my closet waiting to be thrown away at a race for over a year (I got it at Value Village) however races have been WAY to hot to wear one...TODAY was the day to give it away...however I ended up taking it off before the race and giving back to Catherine and my Hubby to hold...well after the race I was freezing and ended up wearing it again...ugh...still in my possession!


The Gang caught me on the way out...

I started off with a woman who was aiming for a 5:50-5:55km pace...I was chatting with her and it was quite congested so I stuck with her for the first 3km...It felt really was that time we were doing about a 5:30-5:45km pace so I backed off a bit and wished her luck...

I saw Hubby and Catherine at the 4km mark...

Still feeling REALLY strong at this point...wondering if I was going out too fast...but was super comfortable so I went with it....

I was supposed to see Hubby and Catherine again but they didn't make it...which I think was probably a good thing...for the first time in a race I focused on myself...I got in that zone and just kept going...I told my mum to be at a point by a certain time...unfortunately I was running still at a speedy pace and she missed me...I still think this was a good thing...

I tried hitting the LAP button on my garmin for the first time at each KM mark...but unfortunately I missed biggie...I did find that it helped and do know this is something that I want to do for future races!

7km I took two GU chomps Watermelon...They were stomach was still uneasy but I knew I needed take something...I didn't carry a fuel belt and was relying the the four water stops...Not enough but it all worked out...

At the 10km point I was still feeling really strong and was just aiming for UNDER 6:00 per KM....CRAZY I know since my original goal was to do 6:15per km...It was starting to get hot and humid and I was REALLY worried that I was pushing my luck...

At the 14km mark I took a full GU chocolate mint...this REALLY helped...I felt very rejuvenated and it was just what I needed...since I was taking water and had one cup of e-load at the stops I was getting just enough...

From km 14-17km I felt surprisingly strong...I saw some friends in the park who were volunteering and taking pictures along the route which was kept me going...

At 18km...I started to bonk...I told myself to get to the aid station at 20km and I could walk it...I bribed myself and it worked...the aid stations were so small that it was a 30sec walk at the 19km there is a gradual hill...followed by another small hill at 20.5km...I told myself that if I power walked the hill I could kill it at the end...So funny that I was passing runners by walking really the top of the hill is a soon as it became flat I kicked it up a notch and had a 5:37km pace...woot woot!

I look at my watch and realize...if I book it...I can maybe squeeze in under 2:05....

My Garmin said: 2:04:53...AMAZING...

So pumped and excited at this point...I went to check my time on the printed out sheets and it said 2:05:12...both Gun time/Chip time were the same...I spoke with the sport stat people and they cleared the situation up and figure out that I finished in:

2:04:50!!! PR by 10min and 35secs....

I honestly wish that one day I could do a sub 2:10...and then today to do a Sub 2:05...I am on cloud nine...I learned a lot about racing today and leaving it all out on the course...I really couldn't have asked for a better race...It is a good reminder in trusting your training...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Run for Retina Half Marathon

On Sunday I will be participating in the Run for Retina Half Marathon...Visions of the Chicago Heat are dancing in my head...I just checked the weather for Sunday :(

April 10

Cloudy with showers
P.O.P 40%
High: 22°C
Feels Like: 29 or 84 for the 'mericans
Low: 14°C
Wind: SW 20 km/h

Feels like 29....29...Are you kidding me?? We have some CRAZY weather here in Ontario this year!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Taking one for the Team!

That is a HUGE close up picture of me on my Walk Home from work today. It is only 3km and I am embarrassed to say that I have never walked or biked needed 300 people to temporarily give up their parking from April-October...there is off-site parking about a 10-15min walk away with shuttles running from the parking to the main building...I do have that option but for the next few months I am going to try and Walk or Ride one way each day...

Do you walk or bike to work??

March and Week 12 Recap....bring on April

Hi All,

Week 12

Monday: 30mins Yoga...I was really in desperate need of a stretch after Around the was all I could handle...I just wanted to be in bed...

Tuesday: I woke up early and did a 6km run...not Tempo but not recovery and a little faster than felt good but legs were still tired...

Wednesday: 9km of Hills...I have no idea of what I was thinking but it was the second last week of hills...

Thursday: 8km...steady was great! :)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3hour-Spin Class to raise money for ONERUN..Check out this Women's Website...she is SERIOUSLY AMAZING...100km from London ON to Sarnia...the least I could do was do a 100km 3 hour spin class...I took parts of it easy other parts I Gave'R....

Sunday: 32.5km!!! I am so proud of this run...It was the LONGEST run I have done to date by myself...all in all it went really well...

*After the back to back Sat. and Sun. intense workouts I am looking forward to resting today!!!

March Recap

KM Planned/KM Ran: 175km/229.77(142.77miles) ***This is my Highest Mileage Month EVA!!!

Rest Days Planned/Rest Days Taken: 5/5

Long Runs Planned/Long Runs Completed: 4/4

Current Book: My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso

Cross-Training Planned/Taken 7/7 (Yipee!!)

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Cream Eggs...honestly this time of year is so hard!!!

Current Colors: Pink

Current Drink: Water and Purple G2

Current Song: Hello by Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette

Current Triumph: Around the Bay in 3:12:43 and running 32.5km on my own!

April Goals:

I would love to run over 230km and I would like to see if I can add a 5th run day two times!

Happy Running