Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exciting Week

Hi All,

It has been quite the week...I think I am still on a High after my Half-Marathon PR from last week...if you missed it you can check it out here

The Husband Surprised Me on Wednesday with a Package in the Mail:

What is it?????

A new Garmin Forerunner 305!!! Yay!!! I had an old forerunner 101 and it was starting to go wonky...Hubs rocks...he wanted me to have it before Mississauga and be able to train for Chicago with it...I am still figuring out all the bells and whistles...I am loving it so far! Thanks Hubby!!!

A couple of weeks ago I won a Giveaway by the Fabulous Sandy at Sassy Runner Girl...She rocks...go check her out! I am so excited to use my Lululemon Key Cuff this week :)

I also got my Runnerd Sticker in my mail from Candice over at I Have Run...Go check her out too!!!!

Training Wise

Monday: REST DAY
Tuesday: Recovery 6km
Wednesday: 10km
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF/Sports Massage
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 29km

I am feeling extremely stiff and legs are not recovery well from the half...this has happened in the past so I am not freaking out too much just yet....I went to my Massage Therapist on Friday...she pretty much beat me up...I was left sore/bruised (this is normal for me :(...). I think I was still recovering from that and that is why today's run was just sluggish and tired...I have taken the time today stretching and now am about to use my new toy...

I use my Pro-Grid Roller for the IT band and I used to use a rolling pin...It wasn't cutting it any far I am quite enjoying this...I need to get a bit better with stretching...I am praying that things start to feel a bit better this week...I don't want to cut back my mileage any more than I have already....stupid sore/tired muscles...Here is hoping for a better week with them this week...Next weekend will be my LAST LONG RUN before the taper...I am getting excited!


  1. Woohoo you are going to love that Garmin. I have the 305 and she has not yet disappointed ;)

  2. That's quite the step up in the Garmin world. Enjoy it, the 305 is a wonderful toy, umm I mean tool. ;)

    As for your reduced mileage, I wouldn't fret over it. Sometimes our recovery periods are unaware of when our weeks start and end. Just make sure you recover fully from your blazing half marathon, it's the easiest way for you to get back to running high killage (mileage is for american kooks) consistently.

    As for The Stick, don't you love the tool? I have used mine for a year now and absolutely love it. It goes everywhere with me as it fits neatly into my gym bag. I must be such a weirdo, I'll even take it with me to conference meetings. :D

  3. I love my 305...a little too much I think. Have a great week!!

  4. have fun with the garmin. i have the same one!

  5. Wonderful surprise from the hubby - he knew just what to buy for you. :) This is a gift that is going to keep on giving and giving. Have fun learning how to use it - you will love it. :) I have the same model and it's proven to be a terrific training tool.

  6. Enjoy your new Garmin. What a nice surprise!

  7. Love my Garmin, and wait until you figure out some of the great function speed workout and intervals will never be the same.
    If you use your treadmill, then you've got to get the foot pod.