Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Stats

173KM for the month...my goal was 200km...With taking this week off completely I missed that goal...no worries...I am still new to this and still figuring out this IT band/knee issue....

September Goal: Over 200km hoping for around 225km...We will see!

Monday, August 30, 2010


After last Tuesday's run I decided to take an recovery week and rest up...My IT band is still bothering me...I have been doing lots of stretching/icing/rolling....I will be super excited to get out there tomorrow and do a tempo run...I am not going to lie...I feel like a complete couch potato and my nutrition has been horrible...I had my annual University Girls Weekend(Go Hawks Go...WLU)....lots of bad for you foods...I will make better choices this week!

Hoping to have some good news about the IT band after tomorrow's run...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I cannot believe that it is Wednesday already! My how time flies. I was supposed to do a tempo run last night....however I am still feeling quite exhausted from the 30km race that I have decided to have a rest and recovery week probably will skip my long run this week and run maybe 25km...I might do a 20km bike...I plan on running my 11km and hills tonight I am just not going to give'r so hard. The run last night (6km), although slow felt really great...It perked me up a little and I am not feeling as tired...I took some extra time and rolled, stretched and iced a great deal...I think I might be getting my "first" black toe nail of this cycle...really...it is about time...during my half-marathon cycle I lost a few toe nails...no biggie...I am super surprised I haven't yet....I have booked myself a spa pedicure next week....yikes! Hope I don't scare anyone with the sight of my feet!

Question of the Day: Do any of you runner's out there take a Rest and Recovery week during a Marathon Training Cycle??

EDIT: After reading the following article from the National post I have decided to take the entire week off and do nothing but stretch, ice and roll...

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Mid Summer Nights Run Recap

On Friday night I attempted to leave the city by 5pm at the latest in order to make the 2hour trek to Toronto....Well I ended up not leaving until well after 6pm....I got on Hwy 401 and sure enough an hour into my drive it turned into a parking lot....a 2 hour drive ended in a 4 hour drive...it wasn't too bad as there were some great programs on CBC and surprisingly I was in an okay mood...however I was nervous about sitting for 4 hours cramped in a car driving standard...my legs did start to feel a little stressed but I was able to make it to my brother and sister-in law's house by just after 10:30pm. My Sister-In Law was so great in hosting me over the weekend...She had a very TASTY pasta dinner ready for me when I arrived...She is just getting back into running after a year at home with my niece and being pregnant etc....she has run a 3:58:00 marathon and multiple triathlons...She is hardcore...So it was nice to ask her lots of questions and I think she was excited to talk running again!!

I went to bed reading "Born to Run" and had visions of channeling my inner tarahumara...

I woke up after a somewhat restful sleep and spent the morning eating, and playing with my niece...we even went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood to pick up some things for lunch...Today was a challenge with fueling...I am so NOT used to running this distance at night...I had a carblicious breakfast and lunch but found myself pretty hungry before the race...

My good friend Lindsay soon arrived and we made out way down pretty early to the start line...We got out race kits (which included a fabulous New Balance Hoodie) went back to the car and then had some more food (basically a very plain sub)...I probably shouldn't have eaten an hour and a half before the race...I was hungry so I didn't want to starve...but it wasn't the best idea....

We made it back to the start again to meet up with our good friends (sorry for the lack of pictures...the weather was not looking so great so I left the camera in the car)....I briefly introduced myself to Marlene ...I was pretty nervous doing so...I have be honest in saying that I was pretty "star struck" she was so nice and so down to earth and just an all around great runner and blogger...

I really did not know what to expect as it was my first time racing this distance and I did not know the area of Toronto very well...

My goal was really to finish in between 3:15:00-3:22:00

I was surprisingly calm the at the start....There were LOTS of people in costumes, fun music playing and we were all just having a great time...it helped to calm the nerves...also it was a smaller race so I didn't feel claustrophobic or over crowded....

The first 10km: This was a pretty industrial area....I had started to run this part with my friend Lindsay and we chatted a bit and just enjoyed watching new things around us...I was probably pacing a bit faster than I really wanted...BUT I was so comfortable...so I tried to slow down a bit but not too much...

The run through Tommy Thompson park was really nice...you could see the water, it was scenic and it was an out and back so I LOVED seeing all the running running on their way back...it was motivating...during this time it started to have a subtle rain which was really nice as it was pretty humid...I was doing an okay job at taking water/nuun however my stomach was either really nervous or upset from the sub that I did not take any gels....my legs were starting to feel sore but overall I thought I was keeping a good pace so I didn't let it bother me too much....

I passed the 21.1km mark at: 2:12:51 a PERSONAL BEST by 2 mins 34seconds! Are you Kidding me??!?! I was pretty pumped at this point...and also pretty scared that I had gone out WAY TOO FAST....

The last 9km were tough...we headed into the Ashbridge's Bay Park area...it was starting to get dark and I tried to keep my pace but I know it slipped a bit...I was also pumped that it was almost over....I headed and SPRINTED to the finish (I think I had a bit of a fist pump...hello Jersey Shore)

Time: 3:09:53!!!!!! I think that I am still in complete SHOCK! I actually raced and ran by how I felt...I did my 10:1's the whole entire time...

Here were my Lap times:


Including my walk breaks I had an overall pace of 6:19/km...not too shabby....I am feeling excited for Chicago and what will come...I think this race gave me a boost of confidence...

Check out the BLING!! I also bought a shirt from last year for $5 bucks!

All my Loot!!

All in all this was a great race...I would LOVE to do it again next year....I am still tired and stiff from the weekend....lots of stretching and icing but racing this was just what I needed....I am still on cloud 9....

Up for this week:

Tempo Tuesday: 6km
Hilly Wednesday: 11km including 9 hills
Steady Thursday: 8km
Friday: If I am feeling it a LONG SLOW 23km...if not...no biggie!

Happy Running!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goal Setting Thursday

Here we go...I am letting it all out....

This Saturday I will be running the Mid-Summer Nights Run 30km...I am both nervous and excited...I have decided to use this race as a Pace Training Race...

My last half marathon was the Flying Pig in Cincinnati with a time of 2:21:56....That was May 2, 2010 after a week of the Chicken Pox on a tough hilly route as well as a brutal weather day (it rained VERY hard)...so the next time I have is a 2:15:25 at the Run for Retina Half Marathon on April 11, 2010...I am using that time to come up with the pace...I know that I am probably faster than that now...but it is the only thing I can use right now...

My goal for Chicago is 4:45:59 however I would be stoked with ANYTHING under 5hours...so I have decided to Pace this coming race at a 6:30 per KM....so 30km in 3:15:00....Here is hoping....if it feels too tough and I start to get crusty I have no problems with slowing down...

I have talked to several people about Racing vs. Running and sometimes I think I don't actually race...I think I need to dig deep get some of that confidence I have on hill or tempo nights and transfer that to a race...so that will be a goal as well...

The carb loading and hydrating has begun! Hoping the weather holds out...it will be humid and feel like 33 but I have run worse...

Good luck to all my friends running this race as well!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winner of the CEP Compression Socks!!!

I used Random.org...and the Winner is: abbi from Higher Miles! Fire me an email at theroadtochicago@gmail.com and we can get those socks to you!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone for entering!! I look forward to more giveaways in the future.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bike Ride

Just went out for a 21km bike ride...average speed was 20k/h ....It felt great...I missed being out there...It actually felt good to stretch out and do some activity after yesterdays ride....Plus today was GORGEOUS outside...no humidity, a breeze in the air...I really do enjoy being active outside...even though it was supposed to be a scheduled rest day!

Is it hard for you to take your rest days??

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a little crazy....I helped my mum move on Sat. so I was not able to get my 6km run in...no worries since I did enough lifting, and going up and down stairs...Sunday morning came WAY too early...I had switched up my long run schedule a bit...last week was supposed to be 19km but I did 30km in order to do19km yesterday so that I wasn't going to burn out before the Mid Summer Nights Run on Sat.....it went well...I ran with a faster group and they kept me going...so nice to run with this group of individuals...most of them were "Marathon Vets" and they had great tips and advice...I hit 17km and needed at least 2km more so I headed downtown to do a couple of loops....after a good 8mins of running I looked down and my Garmin had FROZE again!!! This is the second time on a long run...it really throws me off...I am so dependent on knowing my distance, pace and overall time...I am really hoping that this was a fluke....and my Forerunner 101 (old school I know!) isn't dying...

Today is a scheduled rest day but I am hoping that I can get a bike ride in today! It has been WAY too long since I was on my bike...This week I will continue with my usual schedule but I may not push it as hard...

Tuesday: Tempo 6km
Wednesday: 9.5km including 8 hill repeats
Thursday: 8km Steady
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: A Mid-Summer Night's 30km Run
Sunday: Rest Day

*Goals for the 30km Race....This is my first at this distance so a PR for sure! Woot Woot....I am going to attempt pacing this race at the same pace as Chicago...We will see...if it happens it happens...if it doesn't then it doesn't...This will be a learning experience for me....I am excited!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way

I love the blogging world...I never thought that I would enjoy reading about so many different individuals running adventures...it truly is inspirational....Today while reading two fellow Canuck blogs by Marlene and Laura I got a bit of a kick...The heat and humidity here in Ontario has been brutal...I love summer and the heat but this year has been bad and it has made me feel a little sluggish lately....anyway...Laura talked about being in a funk and getting out by working hard and Marlene talked about tempo runs and doing them in this heat and how in the end they will pay off...It is a good reminder that running is hard work and when we work hard it can have so many amazing affects...instead of complaining about the heat I headed to run clinic this evening with the idea that I was going to work hard and feel great at the end...it worked...

I had an amazing run both physically and mentally...I really needed tonight...

6.36km in 36:00min for an average pace of 5:38!!! This was including my 10:1 walk breaks and a couple of stop lights! I am pretty happy...Working hard does pay off and this certainly gave me a bit of motivation...I am starting to like these tempo runs and am looking forward to the speed work that will start sometime in September! I am feeling comfortable in my training and with the plan I continue to follow....Chicago is officially 2 months away from today!!! CRAZY!

Tomorrow's Plan: 8.5km including 7 hill repeats!

PS. Don't forget to enter the CEP Compression Sock giveaway...

Monday, August 9, 2010


Remember that CEP Review I did a few weeks back? Well they are so great that they have offered to sponsor a giveaway for one pair of Running Compression Socks! Let me tell you..they were pretty amazing yesterday on my 30km run...my legs are feeling pretty darn good...

For each of the Following you do you will receive an Entry! Be sure to leave me a comment for each!

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Giveaway Ends Monday August 16, 2010 at midnight!!! Good Luck!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

30.55km Sunday Long Run

Today was my longest run to date of this cycle: I was scheduled to run 19km today but after last weeks disaster of 26km by myself I thought..."I would rather run 29km with the group then 19km by myself" I KNOW!! CRAZY!!! I also thought it would be a good idea to run the 29km this week...19km next week followed by the Mid Summer nights run (30km) the following week...a little taper so to say...

So today I really forced myself...You are going to do this 29km slow and steady...

And I did....

Lap Paces in Km:

4:40**Garmin messed up obviously...

My GPS had a weak signal and it went crazy at the end...plus we had 4 pit stops where we filled up on water etc...I was most impressed that at the end I was able to pick the pace up...I have a tendency to go out WAY to fast then die...today I felt it the opposite...Sooo all in all a good run....I really need to work on making my pace consistent...Today felt better than most...we had those stops which through a few of them off...This will be an on going battle for me!

I had a Chocolate Milk when I finished followed by a salad with Grilled Chicken, slivered almonds, a little feta cheese, strawberries and a side of lemon poppy seed dressing...it was so tasty...I am continuing to make sure I drink lots of water today...I wore my compression socks during the run...They gave me a little pep...my body is pretty sore right now...in fact I could barely have a nap because my legs were so sore....stretching and icing tonight at some point...

Happy Sunday Long run!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Inspriation from www.amazon.ca

I have read on Multiple Blogs about the book "Born to Run" and the DVD "Spirit of the Marathon"...I figure with only 65 days until Chicago I could use some extra inspiration as I am heading into the "thick" of it....This weekend will be my first 29km run!!

So I picked these up and will do a little review....I am pretty excited!!! I ordered them on Tuesday and they got here today! Had a good 8km today...It started pretty sluggish but I picked it up at the end which made me pretty happy...Although running on my own is tough I know that mentally it will prepare me for the 42.2km....

Also...I officially signed up for the Midsummer Nights 30km Run in Toronto...I am looking forward to practicing my pacing and having a training run that is "fun". There are a few members from my running group going as well..I have heard great things...This will be my first 30km race a PB for sure!

Off to read!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Stats

Bye Bye July....Hello August....

My running stats were not as high as I would have liked but with the Bike tour I cut out some runs as well I took a week off to heal as I was feeling slightly injured...

Running: 138km
Bike: 249km

This month my goal is: 200km and if I do bike it will be more for fitness and recovery. I do need to focus on some core strength exercises that the physiotherapist gave me and lots of stretching...new shoes and orthotics are good so far...

What are your August Mileage goals??

Monday, August 2, 2010

MS BIKE Race Report and Vacation


I know that it has been a while...After we finished the MS Bike Race we took off immediately up to Muskoka for the week...it was amazing....so relaxing...the weather was perfect...it was just what I needed...

Sooo the bike race....

We were up at 5am and headed to Grand Bend to be at the starting gate for 7am...We didn't leave until 8am...

Day 1 was 86.7km...It was nice for the most part because it was cloudy not too humid...perfect for the most part....They had 5 stops along the way with lots of goodies...it was so well organized...I am actually looking forward to doing it next year....

Weather: For the most part was great...with LESS THAN 5km to go it got UGLY....pouring rain...Flying Pig type of rain!!!! I was soaked...it was bad...however it was done...my in-laws who are so amazing were there in the Rain to see us come through the finish line...so sweet AND they took my soaking wet Laundry HOME, WASHED IT and brought it back for 7am!!!!! It doesn't get much better than that!! They rock! Here are some pictures from Day 1...

Me and the Hubby

The Riding Crew

Riding to a Strong Finish in the Rain

Me and the Hubby at the Finish

This is my Friend Anne...we rode together most of the way on the first day!

I tied my shoes to the vent on the ceiling to help dry them out after the first day...water was stuck in the GEL part on the bottom of my shoe...it was very damp!

Day 2

Although it was shorter...only 77.7km....It was a lot tougher for a few reasons....The WIND was brutal since we were riding towards Lake Huron and it was HILLY!!! But I was able to get through it quite...I think I surprised myself!

Only 2 photos from that day...

The Crew at the Start of Day 2

Beautiful Weather from Day 2


Here is what I did

Tuesday: 6km
Wednesday: 6km (5 hill repeats)
Thursday: 8km
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6km
Sunday: Drive home...no run
Holiday Monday: 26km

It was an okay week...I got the runs in...they were not quality...my pace was all over the map...especially today on the 26km...I am struggling because I have had to do a lot of running by myself...my two Chicago Training partners (check out their blogs) Lindsay and Catherine and currently at Fitness Ridge...The Biggest Loser Fitness Camp...I am really missing them :(
So they next two weeks will be a great challenge for me to get quality miles in so that when they return they aren't leaving me in the dust too much!

Tomorrow I will be back with my run club...They are great for my weekly runs...

Tuesday: Tempo 6km (This will be a recovery run instead)
Wednesday: 7km (with 6 hills)
Thursday: 8km
Friday: Bike
Saturday: 6km

It looks like it should be a good week!!