Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I cannot believe that it is Wednesday already! My how time flies. I was supposed to do a tempo run last night....however I am still feeling quite exhausted from the 30km race that I have decided to have a rest and recovery week probably will skip my long run this week and run maybe 25km...I might do a 20km bike...I plan on running my 11km and hills tonight I am just not going to give'r so hard. The run last night (6km), although slow felt really great...It perked me up a little and I am not feeling as tired...I took some extra time and rolled, stretched and iced a great deal...I think I might be getting my "first" black toe nail of this is about time...during my half-marathon cycle I lost a few toe biggie...I am super surprised I haven't yet....I have booked myself a spa pedicure next week....yikes! Hope I don't scare anyone with the sight of my feet!

Question of the Day: Do any of you runner's out there take a Rest and Recovery week during a Marathon Training Cycle??

EDIT: After reading the following article from the National post I have decided to take the entire week off and do nothing but stretch, ice and roll...


  1. I definitely take recovery weeks! The body needs a chance to catch up and re-build! Sounds like a good idea after the big race.

  2. Recovery weeks for sure---like every fourth one is a cutback for me. Remember rest is part of training!

  3. Thanks for the post on my blog. I'm very grateful my doctor understands the needs of runners and is taking my symptoms seriously. I'll keep you posted on my health-status. :)

    As for your question: I haven't trained for a full yet, so I can't say. But congrats on the budding black toenail! lol

  4. recovery weeks are a must. I usually back off on the miles but still run. Rest will help!

  5. Every 4th week is a recovery week, I also only run 4 days a week, training for the Akron Marathon in September.