Monday, August 2, 2010

MS BIKE Race Report and Vacation


I know that it has been a while...After we finished the MS Bike Race we took off immediately up to Muskoka for the was relaxing...the weather was was just what I needed...

Sooo the bike race....

We were up at 5am and headed to Grand Bend to be at the starting gate for 7am...We didn't leave until 8am...

Day 1 was 86.7km...It was nice for the most part because it was cloudy not too humid...perfect for the most part....They had 5 stops along the way with lots of was so well organized...I am actually looking forward to doing it next year....

Weather: For the most part was great...with LESS THAN 5km to go it got UGLY....pouring rain...Flying Pig type of rain!!!! I was was bad...however it was in-laws who are so amazing were there in the Rain to see us come through the finish sweet AND they took my soaking wet Laundry HOME, WASHED IT and brought it back for 7am!!!!! It doesn't get much better than that!! They rock! Here are some pictures from Day 1...

Me and the Hubby

The Riding Crew

Riding to a Strong Finish in the Rain

Me and the Hubby at the Finish

This is my Friend Anne...we rode together most of the way on the first day!

I tied my shoes to the vent on the ceiling to help dry them out after the first day...water was stuck in the GEL part on the bottom of my was very damp!

Day 2

Although it was shorter...only 77.7km....It was a lot tougher for a few reasons....The WIND was brutal since we were riding towards Lake Huron and it was HILLY!!! But I was able to get through it quite...I think I surprised myself!

Only 2 photos from that day...

The Crew at the Start of Day 2

Beautiful Weather from Day 2


Here is what I did

Tuesday: 6km
Wednesday: 6km (5 hill repeats)
Thursday: 8km
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6km
Sunday: Drive run
Holiday Monday: 26km

It was an okay week...I got the runs in...they were not pace was all over the map...especially today on the 26km...I am struggling because I have had to do a lot of running by two Chicago Training partners (check out their blogs) Lindsay and Catherine and currently at Fitness Ridge...The Biggest Loser Fitness Camp...I am really missing them :(
So they next two weeks will be a great challenge for me to get quality miles in so that when they return they aren't leaving me in the dust too much!

Tomorrow I will be back with my run club...They are great for my weekly runs...

Tuesday: Tempo 6km (This will be a recovery run instead)
Wednesday: 7km (with 6 hills)
Thursday: 8km
Friday: Bike
Saturday: 6km

It looks like it should be a good week!!

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  1. Looks like a fun, but soggy ride! Have fun with your runs this week!