Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way

I love the blogging world...I never thought that I would enjoy reading about so many different individuals running adventures...it truly is inspirational....Today while reading two fellow Canuck blogs by Marlene and Laura I got a bit of a kick...The heat and humidity here in Ontario has been brutal...I love summer and the heat but this year has been bad and it has made me feel a little sluggish lately....anyway...Laura talked about being in a funk and getting out by working hard and Marlene talked about tempo runs and doing them in this heat and how in the end they will pay off...It is a good reminder that running is hard work and when we work hard it can have so many amazing affects...instead of complaining about the heat I headed to run clinic this evening with the idea that I was going to work hard and feel great at the end...it worked...

I had an amazing run both physically and mentally...I really needed tonight...

6.36km in 36:00min for an average pace of 5:38!!! This was including my 10:1 walk breaks and a couple of stop lights! I am pretty happy...Working hard does pay off and this certainly gave me a bit of motivation...I am starting to like these tempo runs and am looking forward to the speed work that will start sometime in September! I am feeling comfortable in my training and with the plan I continue to follow....Chicago is officially 2 months away from today!!! CRAZY!

Tomorrow's Plan: 8.5km including 7 hill repeats!

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  1. So happy to help ... we all need a little motivation kick sometimes! Congrats on an awesome run.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! Good luck in Chicago. I ran it last year and absolutely loved it!!!

  3. That is a great pace!!! Great job on the tempo run...especially in this humidity :)