Monday, October 25, 2010

Mileage Update

Short and Sweet: Last Week:

Monday: 20km Bike Ride
Tuesday: 6km Run
Wednesday: 10km Run
Thursday: 6km Run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday 13.77km Run

Feeling pretty good...still a little tired...had a great pace for that 13.77km run (6:03...and did not take any walk breaks)....Legs are a little sore...have been rolling with my NEW Roller: I have it in black...Funny how you start to increase that mileage and these little niggles come back :(

I picked this baby up at the Chicago Marathon Expo...I tried it out...It kicked my butt...My old foam roller had been used so much that it was starting to get a wonky shape...this one is much better and has different levels to I haven't been able to roll for AS long as it hurts...BUT a good hurt....Will give a better update after more use...

On Tap for this week:

Tuesday:6km Run
Wednesday: 10km Run
Thursday: 6km Run (easy)
Friday: Bike or Rest?
Saturday: Bike or Rest?
Sunday: 10km most likely...

Happy Running....These Ontario Municipal Elections have been crazy tonight!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Next?

I have a *confession*...I have been *cheating* on running with a new toy....I made this purchase a week before Chicago and have been unable to use it until this past weekend...

The hubby purchased a road by at the beginning of the spring...he is really enjoying it and it is so neat that he has something that he is quite involved in...I would ride with him on my mountain bike...I love my mountain bike and have no plans to desert it...but this Road Bike is AWESOME!!! I love going fast and feeling light as a far so good with having the clip shoes...almost hit a bush but was able to clip out just in time...I do realize that at some point I will fall...Although I haven't registered for any duathlons or triathlons I do have a desire to at some point participate in one!! For me, this was the first step...I will again do the MS ride next year and really hope that this will become a really great cross training tool for me!

Last night I did my first run post marathon...6km around the Garmin...just running...It felt great...taking a full week off was one of the best things I could have done...

I worry about Runner's Burn Out....It happened after my Marathon in 2007...It happened so much so that I stopped running and took a 2 year sabbatical...I also know how important setting goals and having a schedule are for me...So here it goes...
  • I am joining a new Run Club: It begins in January and it is for a full Marathon on May 15, 2010...I have a few options and until it starts I will not know which one I will be training for (Mississauga, Toronto Goodlife or Cleveland)...After much frustration (I won't go into the long and boring details) I need a break from my previous Running Store...not the group...they were amazing...just the store and politics and I am excited about being "Coached"...after much chat with the hubby and friends...I feel it is in my best interest to have some change...I was able to take 20mins off my Half PR this year and 50mins off my Marathon...I KNOW I can take more off...I think I need some proper coaching and this other store will allow that to happen...I am sure I'll be one of the slowest...but I have a lot of drive and determination...

  • I booked a Hotel for the Around the Bay 30km race in Hamilton...haven't registered yet..but planning on doing so soon! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this challenging race...I am pretty excited for it...

  • I booked a Hotel for the Flying Pig Half Marathon...I am so pumped about a Cincinnati girls full...just the half!

For the first time in a long time, I am feeling optimistic about Running and making it a *habit* in my life. I have changed the name of the Blog to: "The Road From Chicago"...It was such a great experience and I know that I am only going to grow further!!

Happy Running :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Recap # 3 Bank of America Chicago Marathon...This is it!

Hi Bloggy World,

Again I apologize that this is taking me forever to complete these recaps...I am just loving the down time right now...(I have a new 'toy' that I have been playing with)

I woke up at 5am the morning (actually 4am because Jamie set his iphone to Ontario time...pretty funny actually)...Lindsay and I got up and shared a bagel with peanut butter...this was one of the first times I have ever been able to eat before a marathon...I considered that a pretty good breakfast...

The stomach was a little nervous but surprisingly I was pretty calm...I wrote on my hands and arms "believe", "trust your training", "1000+ km > 42.2km" and the hubby wrote "Birthday Girl". This was really helpful to me...just to be able to take a glance at them during the race and reinforce positive thoughts and all the hard work I have done...

Our friend Catherine, her mum and her husband Lennie picked us up at 6:15am...We took a few snap shots then it was OFF to the starting line...Lennie was able to drive us super close which really helped out...

Pre-Race Outfit Pictures

Me and the Hubby

We said our goodbyes and knew that we would see them again shortly around 5km and potentially when we hit Chinatown...The drive took no time to get to the start and as soon as we got there we got into the lines for the port-o-potty's....At this point they were not that long...I did not find this to be a problem whatsoever. We said our goodbyes to Catherine and then Lindsay and I headed to situate ourselves in between the 4:30 and 4:45 pace bunny. We chatted with a few people in line, the American National Anthem was sung and then the gun went off at 7:30am. They started to play U2's "Beautiful Day" which was the 10-10-10 Theme Song...It was a great way to take my mind off of the race and just enjoy the music....The Open Corral was extremely packed...We were told by our Clinic leader to steer clear of the fence line as people panic and start to jump in...I was happy we did that because sure enough people started to jump in...That was a little scary.

We crossed the starting line at 7:49:35am I was expecting a half hour so I thought that 19mins was pretty good...I could have been more aggressive in starting sooner but I was just trying to take in every minute!! I really wanted to break that I wanted to run a 6:30pace (averaging out my walk breaks)

The Hubby was able to take some great pictures of the Lead Pack :) (In my dreams I am Kenyan)

5km: 32:09 (6:25 pace or a 10:21): No walk breaks taken during this time. I was going a little fast and trying to settle into a rhythm. I decided to stick to the right hand side...Surprisingly I wasn't dodging that many people. There were a ton of people...a ton...and yes the following picture has many superhero's and they passed me...

The Hubby and the rest of the gang briefly saw me at the 5km mark...They yelled out my name but I had already passed them. So no picture there...It was really exciting to see them. I concentrated on slowing down my pace. I was worried that I would go out WAY to fast then fade.

*At 45mins I took a GU...Chocolate Mint...super yummy...stomach feeling good...

10km: 1:04:44 (6:28/10:30 pace): Feeling pretty amazing...still haven't taken any walk breaks because it was a little too congested. Having sips of Gatorade at every station...I was carrying my own water and taking it while running quite frequently. I knew that I was going to have to hydrate quite regularly in order to keep going. So far so good.

15km: 1:37:19 (6:29/10:30 pace): Still feeling really strong and have settled into a really nice place. Loved hearing everyone call my name, say "Go Canada Go" also multiple people wished me a "Happy Thanksgiving". I loved looking around at all the different people. I loved running through all the different borough's....boystown and Chinatown were by far my favourites....great music and people wearing costumes and cheering...

1.2 million spectators...they were so amazing...handing out their own Water, Pretzel, candy, wonderful...people can be so generous :) We need more events like these.

*Second GU taken

21.1km (Half Marathon) 2:17:10 (6:30/10:32pace) I am doing great and fairly consistent with my pacing...This is where I start to notice the heat...we begin running into direct sunlight and we weren't getting any breeze...My plan at this point changed...I knew that I couldn't continue to have a 4:35:59 finish...My face was really red, I was starting to overheat...go with plan B....under 5 hour finish....

25km 2:43:58 (6:33/11:03 pace)...I have now officially slowed down...I am taking in as much Gatorade and water as possible at each rest stop. Still pretty happy with my pace at this time...Stomach starting to get a little funny due to Gatorade...

30km: 3:19:44 (6:39/11:31 pace)...Wow it is hot out...I took another gel...loved the taste...took lots of water with it...Mentally I am on fire...I keep looking down at my hands/arms and remind myself that I am going to finish...I am super thirsty and HOT....I know that I will have a massive heat rash on my face....I am dumping water on myself and running through the hoses that people have out...Thank goodness for those...

*The Hubby spots me in Chinatown...takes a photo...I give him a hug and am off...he takes my fuel belt for me...thought that at this point I could just use water and Gatorade...I did not want the weight of the belt anymore...I wanted to be light as a feather...

35km: 3:56:06(6:44/11:43 pace)....So hot...I have NEVER been so THIRSTY in my entire life...I knew I had properly hydrated the week/days before and was taking in a lot during the was just a hot hot day...can't tell if I am sweating any more...body covered in salt...starting to walk through every aid station to get enough in my system...

4:45 pace bunny passes me...I try to keep up but decide...finishing strong and happy on my birthday is by far better than finishing in a crusty mood...

40km: 4:33:15 (6:49/11:58 pace) Remind myself that my friend Tiffany, her husband Mike and daughter Maggie will be at mile 26 to cheer me on...I get a really great mental boost! Just keep are sooooooooo close! I see Tiffany...such a motivator and pick up the pace to finish in: 4:49:08

Me with the Medal...Feeling great!

Ahhh sitting down...sooo good

Reunited with my friend Lindsay who also had a PB

Visiting with Tiffany and Maggie with the AWESOME sign they made me!

Me and the Hubby...who did amazing to follow me around the city...

Just before dinner...Race shirts...Chicago 10-10-10 Bondi Bands and our kick butt medals!

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!

Best Birthday EVER!

Thoughts and Ramblings:

- I had a PB by 50mins...althought it wasn't my sub 4:45:00 it was only 4mins was so hot out body was one giant heat rash by the end...I am really proud of this PB and I cannot wait to kill it again!

-I was actually happy that I banked some time...the first half was much cooler and had a breeze...for that day and that race it worked for me...

-It was packed...there were a TON of people...I knew this going into the race and took it in stride...this helped to not get frustrated...

-I enjoyed EVERY minute! I really honestly was such a great experience...It helped to focus on this as opposed to time/time/time

-I KNOW I can sub 4:40:00 and hope to sub 4:35:00 at some point...with more training I can do it...and it excites me!

*I have not run yet...and am TOTALLY happy...taking the full week off last week was so beneficial. I often hear about Runner's burn out...I am trying to prevent this...My next post will show you what I have been up too...I plan on starting to run this garmin...just run...

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicago Recap #2

Saturday in the City

We were so lucky that we went to the expo on Friday night...It allowed us a small amount of time to explore the city...We went back to Niketown to do some shopping as well we hit up the Hershey store :)....Yummy...Yummy....

Over the lunch hour we took a Boat Ride on the Chicago River and into Lake Michigan...It was really nice to learn about some of the History of the City and the Architecture....

Jamie, Lindsay, The Hubby, Moi

The Wrigley Building

Trump Tower

The Corn Cob Buildings

Navy Pier

The Hubby at the Hershey Store...We did get some treats...let me tell you...they were DELICIOUS! After doing some shopping we headed out for our big Carb Load Party with our other friend Catherine, her mother and husband.

We had a great time and celebrated three birthdays (Catherine, The Hubby and Moi)

This was our HUGE bowl of pasta...super yummy!! After our early carb load dinner we went back to the hotel to rest up...we got our race outfits out and said goodnight!

Up Next: The actual Marathon!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago Recap #1

Hi All,

After a much needed break I am back!! Thank you so much to everyone who read and left comments...It was such an amazing experience that I am going to break it down into smaller recaps!

Friday October 8, 2010:

We left London around 6:30am...It was really nice as we were able to drive down and share a a hotel room with our good friends Lindsay and Jamie...We made a few stops...including one to get Smoothies :)

We were lucky that we arrived early enough in the afternoon that we were able to get everything set up in our room... we relaxed a little then headed for a bite to eat before we were off to Nike Town and the Expo...

One of the many Banners around town...It sure got us excited!

Why is everyone staring at this wall?

To find their names of course!!

We were all able to find our names...This was outside of Niketown...They had a smaller version at the expo so everyone could get a picture of their name....there are over 40,000 names there!!

We got on the free shuttle bus to the expo...they had lots of great picture opportunities...

Loved all the 10-10-10 stuff...It was really neat having a birthday on that day :) Lots of cool Photo opportunities!

The expo was okay...quite frankly the Nike selection for women was not very great...they didn't have that many vendors...I did come away with a hat, capris/skirt and a shirt...

I picked up some more Bondi Bands....

I also got a new foam roller along with a box for Chocolate Mint Gu's....

We then headed to PF Chang's for some yummy dinner then it was an ETB (Early to bed)....

Next Up: Saturday in the City

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I did it!!

Race Report to come after...

4:49:08.....Super happy with my time!! Had a blast....the weather was less than the 35km mark it was 30 degrees or 87!!! It was time to rest...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" ~ Walt Disney

4 more sleeps! Chicago isn't just a dream is here!! I am so excited! I have mass amounts of laundry and haven't really even thought about packing...I actually feel that I need to write my Marathon Goals down and send them all over the internet before I can focus on the easy stuff (I like packing)

I have 3 goals...

c) I know I can: PR: Sub 5:39:48 (2007 Toronto Goodlife Marathon)

B) I think I can: Sub 5:00:00

A) I hope I can Sub 4:45:00 (This is a big dream for me...I do believe it will might not be on 10-10-10 but I know it will)

After the 30km race in August where I had a 3:09:53 McMillan Running Calculator says that I should be able to do a 4:33:31 ....I have done a 22.6km Run and a 16km at above Marathon Pace of 6:30/km and felt quite comfortable....but I am still relatively new to this whole Marathoning thing....I almost feel as this is my first Marathon all over again...I know there were be lots learned along those 42.2km's....

Things I need to remember:
  • I have trained harder than ever before
  • I have found a new love of running
  • I have had great results (Tempo Runs, A Mid-Summer Nights Run etc)
  • I am excited...Chicago Marathon is just the beginning...I know that...I NEVER thought I would run another Marathon after was a really great experience...but I do know that Chicago 10-10-10 is just the tip of the iceberg...
  • I trust my training
  • I believe in myself
Good Luck to all of those running this weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who has read my blog, become a follower and encouraged me the whole way...Your comments are always so appreciated and the fact that you take time from your busy lives to read about some runner in London, ON, CANADA means a lot to me. I feel very luck to have such great supports.

Thank you to those who listened endlessly to my Marathon talk...I know it sometimes probably felt like this:

Happy Running....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my (amazing, bike riding, handy, fun, loving and all around wonderful) Hubby! Hope you have a great day...You deserve it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shirt Reveal...

So last weekend my friends Catherine and Lindsay picked up our Marathon Shirts at the One More Mile booth at the Scotia Waterfront Expo.

With some minor modifications here they are: On the Front it has our names...Followed by 42.2km...Canadians do it Metric...

The "Eh" Team....We are a bunch of Crazy Canucks...after talking with multiple people who have run a Megathon (NY,Boston, Berlin, London or Chicago) they all said the best thing they ever did was put their name on their shirt....I opted for "Lish" as it is way easier to pronounce than "Alicia" A-LISH-A not A-LEE-SHA...sooo I thought if I heard my name wrong multiple times I might get a bit crusty so Lish it is!!

We have some other GREAT stuff to go with our outfits but you will have to wait to see those...

Yesterday was a steady 6km in the rain and today was 16.64km at Marathon Pace in the Rain...not a very nice weekend! It went well despite the nasty conditions...I can't believe that there are only 5 sleeps until I hop in the car to head to Chicago! Woohoo...I am not too sure what my training will look like this week but I do know tomorrow is a REST day!

Happy Running!