Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicago Recap #2

Saturday in the City

We were so lucky that we went to the expo on Friday night...It allowed us a small amount of time to explore the city...We went back to Niketown to do some shopping as well we hit up the Hershey store :)....Yummy...Yummy....

Over the lunch hour we took a Boat Ride on the Chicago River and into Lake Michigan...It was really nice to learn about some of the History of the City and the Architecture....

Jamie, Lindsay, The Hubby, Moi

The Wrigley Building

Trump Tower

The Corn Cob Buildings

Navy Pier

The Hubby at the Hershey Store...We did get some treats...let me tell you...they were DELICIOUS! After doing some shopping we headed out for our big Carb Load Party with our other friend Catherine, her mother and husband.

We had a great time and celebrated three birthdays (Catherine, The Hubby and Moi)

This was our HUGE bowl of pasta...super yummy!! After our early carb load dinner we went back to the hotel to rest up...we got our race outfits out and said goodnight!

Up Next: The actual Marathon!!!

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  1. Awesome that you had an opportunity to explore the city while you were there. I can't wait to see Chicago!