Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Next?

I have a *confession*...I have been *cheating* on running with a new toy....I made this purchase a week before Chicago and have been unable to use it until this past weekend...

The hubby purchased a road by at the beginning of the spring...he is really enjoying it and it is so neat that he has something that he is quite involved in...I would ride with him on my mountain bike...I love my mountain bike and have no plans to desert it...but this Road Bike is AWESOME!!! I love going fast and feeling light as a far so good with having the clip shoes...almost hit a bush but was able to clip out just in time...I do realize that at some point I will fall...Although I haven't registered for any duathlons or triathlons I do have a desire to at some point participate in one!! For me, this was the first step...I will again do the MS ride next year and really hope that this will become a really great cross training tool for me!

Last night I did my first run post marathon...6km around the Garmin...just running...It felt great...taking a full week off was one of the best things I could have done...

I worry about Runner's Burn Out....It happened after my Marathon in 2007...It happened so much so that I stopped running and took a 2 year sabbatical...I also know how important setting goals and having a schedule are for me...So here it goes...
  • I am joining a new Run Club: It begins in January and it is for a full Marathon on May 15, 2010...I have a few options and until it starts I will not know which one I will be training for (Mississauga, Toronto Goodlife or Cleveland)...After much frustration (I won't go into the long and boring details) I need a break from my previous Running Store...not the group...they were amazing...just the store and politics and I am excited about being "Coached"...after much chat with the hubby and friends...I feel it is in my best interest to have some change...I was able to take 20mins off my Half PR this year and 50mins off my Marathon...I KNOW I can take more off...I think I need some proper coaching and this other store will allow that to happen...I am sure I'll be one of the slowest...but I have a lot of drive and determination...

  • I booked a Hotel for the Around the Bay 30km race in Hamilton...haven't registered yet..but planning on doing so soon! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this challenging race...I am pretty excited for it...

  • I booked a Hotel for the Flying Pig Half Marathon...I am so pumped about a Cincinnati girls full...just the half!

For the first time in a long time, I am feeling optimistic about Running and making it a *habit* in my life. I have changed the name of the Blog to: "The Road From Chicago"...It was such a great experience and I know that I am only going to grow further!!

Happy Running :)


  1. I love the may be my favorite race.
    I ran the pig this year...very cool race - well organized, tons of support and a challenging course. Good swag as well - medal, tshirt, poster and a gym bag.
    Nice bike!

  2. I am excited for Bay...Pig is still one of my might become a yearly for me!

  3. I hope things work out well with the new coach and training group! A fresh start sounds nice. Woohoo for May 15th!!

  4. Hey are you doing Halloween Haunting next weekend?