Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago Recap #1

Hi All,

After a much needed break I am back!! Thank you so much to everyone who read and left comments...It was such an amazing experience that I am going to break it down into smaller recaps!

Friday October 8, 2010:

We left London around 6:30am...It was really nice as we were able to drive down and share a a hotel room with our good friends Lindsay and Jamie...We made a few stops...including one to get Smoothies :)

We were lucky that we arrived early enough in the afternoon that we were able to get everything set up in our room... we relaxed a little then headed for a bite to eat before we were off to Nike Town and the Expo...

One of the many Banners around town...It sure got us excited!

Why is everyone staring at this wall?

To find their names of course!!

We were all able to find our names...This was outside of Niketown...They had a smaller version at the expo so everyone could get a picture of their name....there are over 40,000 names there!!

We got on the free shuttle bus to the expo...they had lots of great picture opportunities...

Loved all the 10-10-10 stuff...It was really neat having a birthday on that day :) Lots of cool Photo opportunities!

The expo was okay...quite frankly the Nike selection for women was not very great...they didn't have that many vendors...I did come away with a hat, capris/skirt and a shirt...

I picked up some more Bondi Bands....

I also got a new foam roller along with a box for Chocolate Mint Gu's....

We then headed to PF Chang's for some yummy dinner then it was an ETB (Early to bed)....

Next Up: Saturday in the City


  1. I've been waiting to hear from you! Sounds like Chi-town was fantastic so far!!!