Monday, May 3, 2010

Flying Pig Race Recap

What a weekend! We woke up early on Sat. Morning and were on the road by 6am for our 7hour drive. Please note that this is a picture heavy post!

Megan, Catherine, Myself and Lindsay

We arrived in Cincinnati, checked into our Hotel (It was actually located in Covington, Kentucky). It was wonderful. Super close and they had a sign up saying they were providing brown bag breakfasts to all the runner's in the morning.

We immediately went to the expo to pick up our race kits: Nice t-shirt, duffle bag and poster. It was some pretty sweet loot.

We also got matching "Flying Pig Spray on Tattoo's"

We then headed to the Race Pasta Dinner, there was great entertainment and the food was delicious.

They even had special "Pig Cookies"

We ate at 4pm in order to get to bed at a decent hour as the race was starting at 6:30am. While back at the Hotel we watched the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky (It was neat). I also added some more pig tattoos. It is the MOST ENERGETIC race I have EVER been apart of. Pig tails (curly ones...on your behind) were proudly worn all over the city...most people were dressed in pink and black. The entire city of Cincinnati really gets into this race and now I know why most runner's come back again and again.

I added a few more Tattoo's

Then it was time for bed! We were up at 5am and left the Hotel via Taxi by 6am to start to make our way to the start line. Let me tell you that this is where it gets a little crazy...Massive amounts of rain. Massive!!! Lightning, thunder...a power outage a the starting was CRAZY...because of the rain I decided to forgo the pace band and just run to finish. We had ponchos which helped a little...

The race started and we were already soaked...The course was beautiful. Very scenic, it went into Kentucky and there were a TON of supporters that were so amazing...everywhere we were their were people cheering you was a truly amazing experience..

However...It was a very HILLY course. I was doing well for the first 10km...after that I became quite tired, I had some stomach cramps and I felt pretty weighted down from the rain...I struggled on some of the hills and was quite happy once I had reached the top of the climb where it went pretty much downhill after that with the exception of a few rolling hills....I took a few more walk breaks than I would have liked but my feet were like prunes and sore from that...although I was tired I knew that I couldn't give up and I wanted to finish strong...At the last half km I started to walk and I had just past my friend Megan who started to cheer me on...It was so great to see her...I was able to pick up my feet and make it to the finish at 2:21:56 not a PB time wise but I was really happy that I was able to tough it out to finish. Especially with having the chicken pox the week before. Lindsay and Catherine also had a great runs and I am so proud of them. It was a great experience!

My Poor sore..but they are all better now...

Recovery is very different from Retina. I am feeling sore and tired...this week will probably be a slow recovery week.

A big thank you to Megan, Lindsay and Catherine...I had such a blast with them. The race couldn't have been THAT tough since we have already started to make plans to go again!!

Thanks for Reading!

3 more weeks until we officially begin marathon training!


  1. I ran this race too and loved it! One of the best still! Love the tattoo!