Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hill Training on a Bike!

Hello there...

The MS Ride from Grandbend to London and Back is only just over 2 months away. So I need to get my butt in gear and ride my bike or else it will be an extremely difficult ride.

The Course is 150km so roughly 75km each way...so far my longest bike ride has been 20km...yeah I need to step that up...

Last night my friend Bente and I did 17.6km at a really decent pace...we even included some hill training into the route. We did one very challenging long and steep climb and one shorter steep climb...also there were a few rolling hills in there...like Running, it is extremely important to practice the hill training on the bike...I am looking forward to getting out there and hopefully doing a 30-45km route one Sat. as a long ride...It is very different from running...I am starting to enjoy it more and for the first time this year I am not sore after a ride...I think that is a good sign.

I also enjoy the break from running...it is nice to add a different element to the training...I am starting to see the importance of cross-training...something that I haven't done much of other than Yoga class on sat. mornings!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Yay this was awesome to read about! I"m considering buying a bike soon so I can do some cross training. I think my legs need some kind of break from the running but I live in a flat and have nowhere to put the bike :( booo.

  2. Ooh that totally sucks...but so worth it...I am really enjoying it...maybe it could be doing Spin classes?