Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekly Update

Hi All,

Well I have recovered from the Flying Pig...It was a really busy week and I was able to get some runs in so I think that I was pretty tired from a lot of things...I am looking forward to this week..

Monday: Day of Rest
Tuesday: 5km Run (it felt tough...but also really good to stretch things out)
Wednesday: 6km (Great run...It was hot and there was some misty rain...I ran by myself which I am starting to do a bit more...wasn't as bad as I thought)
Thursday: 5km with a friend. Good run at a nice easy pace...
Friday:13km bike ride...I need more practice...cardio wise I am not tired...but I do not go FAST on the bike...I will be doing more bike workouts and potentially make some adjustments to help me increase my speed...It was windy and we finished early because a storm was about to hit...hopefully I will get out once this week...
Saturday:I had all intentions of going to Yoga this morning but I felt so tired...I slept in and just relaxed at was nice...I had a relaxing mother's day breakfast with my mum (she rocks) and then went to a baby shower...good times...

I am hoping that the weather is better for tomorrow...will probably have to break out PANTS! Crazy I know....hoping to do around 10-12km....very slow

Happy Mother's Day!!

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