Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Favourite Things Part 3

My Garmin...Although sometimes it doesn't hook in and my pace/km's might be a bit off...I love it...I love that it tells me how far I've gone and now most importantly my pace. For the Half Marathon that is in 10 more sleeps!!!! Crazy....I want to really try and stick my pace and even try and have a negative split....we will see....

This week has been a rather busy week at work so it was hard to for running...I ran 6km on Tuesday night at a good pace...not tempo but still good...last night I went to Hill training...I did 3 hills plus a small run for 4km and the puppy came along...I think she was the HIT of running...she was pretty popular and was probably they BEST person on the hills...she gave'r...anyway the hamstrings and calves are feeling pretty tight so I am taking tonight/friday off from running...I think I might go for a bike ride, yoga on Sat. and 8km on Sun. All in all I am feeling good...enjoying the taper...drinking lots of water, getting sleep and starting to get excited for the race!

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 29, 2010


I love Mondays!! Why??? Because Monday is my one day of REST! No running, no cross training! Ahhh just relaxing!!! Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Long Run Recap

16km done and done! I think that I lucked out with the weather today. I just woke up from a little nap and noticed that it was raining...luckily no rain while running for this gal...just a few light sprinkles here and there...

We ran along the river on the path...we often do this was nice today as there weren't as many runners out...I assume they were all in Hamilton for Around the Bay.

I challenged myself on purpose to run a faster 10km...I did a PB 1:03:32 I that was super great...I slowed down my next 6km....some parts were tough and I probably slowed a little too much...I was missing some of my running buddies to help push me today...but I was really proud of myself for kicking butt on the hills....the hill training and speedwork have paid off this training season....I was able to push my pace up them so that once I was at the top I could continue running at the same pace I was just before I started...Before I would slow down on the hill and at the top I would need to slow down again because I was tired and it would be hard to get back into a good happy with the hills today...

I might have to bite the bullet and buy some body glide...I tried a bit of Papaw Ointment (it is from Australia, my fav for cracked lips, dry skin etc) but it did not help my feet...I have a blister in the outside of my big toe on my left foot and some smaller ones on the inside of my toes on the same foot...I have some new socks that I am going to try as well as play with my shoe a bit...Maybe it is too tight? It is only on my long runs...if anyone has suggestions please feel free to pass them on....blisters suck!

I do love my Sunday long runs because Brunch always tastes soooo great after...had a smoothie, and some eggs and toast! Usually I have a chocolate milk immediately after but today I was craving a smoothie...I think I am hooked on the frozen blueberries right now...I also love naps on Sunday's...they are the best!

Happy Sunday Everyone...How were people's runs today?

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Off to bed after a very relaxing day of yoga, a nice walk with the hubby, puppy and a neighbour, followed by watching a movie. Just wanted to wish all my running buddies who are doing the Around the Bay Race tomorrow GOOD LUCK! May the wind be at your back tomorrow...

Around the Bay Road Race, is the oldest long distance road race in North America, held in Hamilton, Ontario since 1894, nearly three years before the Boston Marathon, though is not marathon length. Although I have never done this race it is on my 'bucket list'.

Weather tomorrow is not looking so good for my 16km...Rainy, will feel like -2....Let me tell you...I love winter but I am looking forward to the time of year when I only have to wear shorts and a t-shirt to run....

happy faces in the morning...

Yoga and Smoothies....My favourite Things Part 2

This morning I was up early with my puppy (she isn't a puppy anymore...will almost be three but for this blog I'll call her my puppy)...Anyway when I realized the time I was able to make it to a 60min standard class....Love Hot Yoga....Amazing workout...lots of fact more sweat than running on a super hot day in August...It really opened up my hips today, stretched my calves and hamstrings...I took it a little easier as I did not want to be sore for the 16km tomorrow...after all I am starting to taper...Anyway...Hot Yoga=awesomeness!

After Yoga I was craving a smoothie....Here is the recipe and some was delicious...Even the hubby had a sip and thought he might try one next time...

1. Cut up banana (it wasn't frozen but you could also use that)
2. 1/4 cup of frozen wild blueberries
3. A handful of frozen raspberries
4. 1 and a half scoops of Soy Vanilla Protein Powder (I got my from Presidents Choice Organic Section)
5. 1tbs of ground Flax seed
6. Milk (I switch between Soy, Almond and Skim) I just add enough that everything is covered.

I put the Blade on...give it a good shake then blend it all up and you are done! I use my Miracle Chopper 2000 (magic bullet equivalent) Super easy and super tasty!

Friday, March 26, 2010


FLR or For Logistical Reasons...

I was not able to get a run in today....throughout my previous half marathon/marathon training I have only run 3 times per week...however this time I am going to try and manage to get in 4 runs per week along with some cross training (me and the hubby are riding in the MS Bike ride from Grand Bend to London and back...more to come on this later). The Hubby is an avid cyclist (both road and mountain) so I am looking forward to getting out on my bike to cross train once it starts to warm up a bit more...still a little too cold for me...

So here are some of the cross training techniques I plan on using...

-Hot Yoga (love a good stretch)
-Cycling (hopefully will get some time on the trails...however I am scared to break my arms
-Some Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and various other at home routines...

I am really proud to say that I have QUIT the gym....after years of going on and off I finally decided to wasn't worth my money...I would have bursts where I would go and then not for more wasting my money...Running works. (PERIOD!)

Hoping to get an early night tonight and run some errands tomorrow and relax....I have finally started the TAPER portion for the half marathon training...on Sunday we will only run 16km (only run 16km!!!! Crazy I know) the weather for Sunday is supposed to be light rain and a high of 7 so here is hoping for a comfy run...I really can't complain as this has been a fairly easy Winter to run in...

Happy Faces in the Morning...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I cannot live without Part 1

My Running Shoes....

My Asics GT-2140...I wear orthotics and they fit perfectly...I have a problem with finding shoes that fit my ginormous dinosaur feet (size 10 on a good day) and will take my orthotic...sooo this has been my go to shoe for since 2006...I will need another pair sometime during the middle of my Marathon Training...I think they have redesigned it again so I will most likely just get the newer version! Who knows maybe I'll get wild and try on some new ones...probably not...I cannot stress how important good shoes are...they have made ALL the difference in my running...even IF I have DINO feet..

Here we go...

I have been putting off starting a blog for sometime...I knew that I have always wanted to have one about running the Chicago Marathon for a few reasons..

1. It helps me to be accountable for getting my runs in and following through...sometimes it is just so easy to hang out on the couch and not go for a run.

2. Chicago is such an amazing marathon...the elites are there, 45,000 people run it...IT IS A BIG DEAL

3. I want to be able to track my runs, see how I am feeling and also share some of my highs and lows...

I am currently in the Half Marathon Clinic at the Running Room (which I cannot sign enough praises about) and will run my first half since 2007...I will run that half on April 11, 2010. I am actually excited for this race as my previous best half was 2:35:00 and that was back in 2003 at the Ottawa Half Marathon...sooo I am hoping that my training has paid off and it will be a personal best! We will see.

Thanks for reading!