Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Long Run Recap

16km done and done! I think that I lucked out with the weather today. I just woke up from a little nap and noticed that it was raining...luckily no rain while running for this gal...just a few light sprinkles here and there...

We ran along the river on the path...we often do this was nice today as there weren't as many runners out...I assume they were all in Hamilton for Around the Bay.

I challenged myself on purpose to run a faster 10km...I did a PB 1:03:32 I that was super great...I slowed down my next 6km....some parts were tough and I probably slowed a little too much...I was missing some of my running buddies to help push me today...but I was really proud of myself for kicking butt on the hills....the hill training and speedwork have paid off this training season....I was able to push my pace up them so that once I was at the top I could continue running at the same pace I was just before I started...Before I would slow down on the hill and at the top I would need to slow down again because I was tired and it would be hard to get back into a good happy with the hills today...

I might have to bite the bullet and buy some body glide...I tried a bit of Papaw Ointment (it is from Australia, my fav for cracked lips, dry skin etc) but it did not help my feet...I have a blister in the outside of my big toe on my left foot and some smaller ones on the inside of my toes on the same foot...I have some new socks that I am going to try as well as play with my shoe a bit...Maybe it is too tight? It is only on my long runs...if anyone has suggestions please feel free to pass them on....blisters suck!

I do love my Sunday long runs because Brunch always tastes soooo great after...had a smoothie, and some eggs and toast! Usually I have a chocolate milk immediately after but today I was craving a smoothie...I think I am hooked on the frozen blueberries right now...I also love naps on Sunday's...they are the best!

Happy Sunday Everyone...How were people's runs today?

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