Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Favourite Things Part 3

My Garmin...Although sometimes it doesn't hook in and my pace/km's might be a bit off...I love it...I love that it tells me how far I've gone and now most importantly my pace. For the Half Marathon that is in 10 more sleeps!!!! Crazy....I want to really try and stick my pace and even try and have a negative split....we will see....

This week has been a rather busy week at work so it was hard to for running...I ran 6km on Tuesday night at a good pace...not tempo but still good...last night I went to Hill training...I did 3 hills plus a small run for 4km and the puppy came along...I think she was the HIT of running...she was pretty popular and was probably they BEST person on the hills...she gave'r...anyway the hamstrings and calves are feeling pretty tight so I am taking tonight/friday off from running...I think I might go for a bike ride, yoga on Sat. and 8km on Sun. All in all I am feeling good...enjoying the taper...drinking lots of water, getting sleep and starting to get excited for the race!

Happy Easter!

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