Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lovin the Weather!

What a beautiful Good Friday!!! I really wanted to take it easy but the weather was just so nice! The hubby and I decided to go for a bike ride with my dad, his husband David (We call him our Bike Coach...he knows a lot about biking and is really helpful and is the one who helps us to train for the MS bike ride), also our good friend Bente came along (she also does MS bike ride). We stuck to the path/trail and biked from the North end all the way to the Little Red Roaster in the Village for a this time I decided that it would be best if I went home...I am trying to take it easy this week with the taper and all....

I got home and did some Front Yard work followed by a long walk with the puppy. I believe that I even got a bit of sun on my shoulders and face...We had Dad, David and Grandma over for dinner (We had BBQ burgers!!), followed by the movie Sherlock Holmes (we all enjoyed it...especially my Grandma who is 95 years old!!) then finished the day off with a hot tub.

I often don't get days like was perfect...I felt really active and enjoyed the sun but also was productive with some of the things I did around the house...dinner, movie and hot tub were just what we all needed...I am so lucky and blessed.

I am really looking forward to getting out on the bike more and training for the MS ride. Here are some pictures of all of us.

The Hubby, Bente, me and Dad

David, Bente and me all in our Canada bike shirts! We looked GOOD!

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