Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hard, Tough 13km Run

Today was a tough run...I believe that I really needed to challenge myself. After the 21.1km Half I was really excited...also I was not sore, I wasn't exhausted...I felt great..This week was a great week for Fitness with 2 runs, 1 long bike ride and a Yoga Class. I needed a long tempo run. So far my tempo runs have been around the 6km I just had some energy to burn...maybe it was the Swiss Chalet I had for dinner...I had a great deal of energy.

I was excited that today we only had "13km" so funny to say that now...I guess I am becoming a runner...

The route today was a city route...there and back 6.5km...It was a little colder, I wore Capris, short sleeved T-shirt with Arm Warmers, Vest, hat and headband...I was perfect!

The first 3km were great...I was going at a 6:20 pace...I felt comfortable...then I started to speed up...I have always wanted to have an under one hour 10km. Today I thought I might be able to do that...I pushed it hard for the next 7km and was able to do 10km in 1:00:44 Sooooo close...I am almost there...I honestly think that I could do it...I slowed down a bit but not too much for the last 3km...instead of 10min Run/ 1min walk I did a 30 second walk break....I am thinking about doing this for upcoming races...I don't know if I am ready to give up my 1min walk breaks...I really do like them and feel that I need them...We will see...Something I will be looking at over the next few months...

I felt tired and achy today but I had a great nap, hot tub and I am actually feeling much better...Tomorrow I will do a good stretch and get the IT band roller out...

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon...I am excited for it...I have a few friends running it and I can't wait to track them. Good luck everyone!

Happy faces in the Morning!

Total Distance this week: 24.9km (not too shabby for post race).

Happy Faces in the Morning :)

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