Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy 5km....taper taper taper

Hi All,

Tonight was an easy was rainy and wet but that didn't stop me from running my last Wednesday run with the Half Marathon Clinic! I have done several clinics at the Running Room and they have each been so amazing...but this group really supports one another and we've all developed into good running friends...I look forward to finishing the Half Marathon with every one on Sunday and celebrating!

Tonight I had a good run although my legs are still feeling 'tight' I hope that 3 days off and hopefully some good sleep with help...

Currently I am trying to figure out what Pace I am going to Run for the retina...I am going to print off a pace band for this race...since I haven't officially done one since 2007 I really do not know what my 'race pace' is...I did a 21.1km training run a few weeks back so I plan on aiming for just under that time. I will make sure that I give a good race recap...

I am off to Costco to get some sports drinks....I am having a great week food/water wise but I would like to get some sports drinks for after and maybe one on the Sat.

The Weather for Sunday is supposed to be:

Cloudy with a high of 16 and a low of 8 so far so good! Let's hope for zero wind and no humidity!

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