Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sat and Sunday Long Run Recaps

Hi Folks,

Saturday was gorgeous! I woke up and went to a Hot Yoga was sweaty...instead of biking I decided to take the dog for a long walk....5km to be was such a gorgeous day...Really nice family time in the evening...this weekend has be great! I love having 4 days off.

Today I did 10km....It was such a beautiful day...I didn't start my run until just after 11am so it was HOT out there! I started off wearing a tank top, running skirt and arm warmers...clearly I was wrong about the arm warmers...those came off after 5mins...

I think that today was a good "practice" for running in the heat again. I ran into the Wortley Village and continued north along the park system.

The first 3km felt great...I had a good steady pace...I think that the next two kilometers I was so focused on when I was going to be turning around that I was a little distracted...I took a gel at the 5km turn around...Success! No stomach irritation today...I probably did not need to the gel so to speak but I am trying to build up a stomach of steel so that on those long runs I can actually take some gels or chews so that I can get some today was a success..

The last 5km were pace probably slowed a bit but it is a Sunday long run so I wasn't too concerned...I had success on the hills with picking up the pace...

I know that I often complained when we did hill training and speed work but this time around I really believe that it makes all the difference in training...I feel prepared for hills and I have noticed that compared to the last time I have picked up my overall pace...

I have to watch my water intake on the really hot runs...I have a tendency to not take any and then at the end be pretty today was a good warm weather reminder run...Take water (not too much so it is sloshing around in the belly), also Sunglasses and a Hat)...I forgot my hat :( so it was hot. Next time.

What a beautiful Easter...I just hope that the weather will be like this next Sunday for the Run for Retina! Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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