Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a little crazy....I helped my mum move on Sat. so I was not able to get my 6km run worries since I did enough lifting, and going up and down stairs...Sunday morning came WAY too early...I had switched up my long run schedule a bit...last week was supposed to be 19km but I did 30km in order to do19km yesterday so that I wasn't going to burn out before the Mid Summer Nights Run on went well...I ran with a faster group and they kept me nice to run with this group of individuals...most of them were "Marathon Vets" and they had great tips and advice...I hit 17km and needed at least 2km more so I headed downtown to do a couple of loops....after a good 8mins of running I looked down and my Garmin had FROZE again!!! This is the second time on a long really throws me off...I am so dependent on knowing my distance, pace and overall time...I am really hoping that this was a fluke....and my Forerunner 101 (old school I know!) isn't dying...

Today is a scheduled rest day but I am hoping that I can get a bike ride in today! It has been WAY too long since I was on my bike...This week I will continue with my usual schedule but I may not push it as hard...

Tuesday: Tempo 6km
Wednesday: 9.5km including 8 hill repeats
Thursday: 8km Steady
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: A Mid-Summer Night's 30km Run
Sunday: Rest Day

*Goals for the 30km Race....This is my first at this distance so a PR for sure! Woot Woot....I am going to attempt pacing this race at the same pace as Chicago...We will see...if it happens it happens...if it doesn't then it doesn't...This will be a learning experience for me....I am excited!

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  1. Great job getting your run done yesterday. I rely on my Garmin like crazy too... I would feel lost if it froze up on me!

    Good luck at the 30K! I'll be there as well!