Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nothing Like the First Run of the Year!!

This morning I had a great 6.95km run with Lindsay. It was slow and steady...During this run I got to use for the first time one of my Christmas Presents...

I got a Polar Heart Rate Monitor from my Dad and David! Thanks Guys...It ROCKS!!!! I was so excited to use it...I have a few friends who have been using them for years and have been signing its praises...I am pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it...I am still in the initial stages and getting used to it...I will blog more on specifics in posts to come...

I came home from the run and immediately started take down the Christmas Decorations...
It made me sad but I am actually happy to be a little clutter free and have such a nice fresh start feeling...

I knew that after today's activities I would not feel like cooking dinner so I used one of our favorite Crock-pot recipes from Heather over at Heather Drive. I have been reading her blog for is not running related but she makes a lot of quick, easy and healthy meals....So tonight I made : Slow-Cooked Mexican Chicken. You should check out her blog...her recipe index is AMAZING!

Now it doesn't look that appetizing in this picture BUT I promise you it is delicious....

Minimal ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Corn
  • Salsa
  • Red Pepper
  • Onion
Cheese and Green Onion for topping...I put it over rice or sometimes we will have it in tortillas! Super yummy, easy and totally guilt free!!

Today was a good day...We are in the process of making some space in our basement to put a bike trainer...The hubby got one for Christmas and he is very nice to let me use I am hoping to get a few bike work outs this week...

Does anyone have any good recipe website they use????

Happy Running :)


  1. I use the Rachael Ray website. Mmmmm she has some great ideas.
    Check out my giveaway if you haven't already. It ends tomorrow!

  2. I use, I love how active it is and how many people leave reviews. .It helps to see what others have done to the recipes.

    Great job getting out there and running!

  3. I'm making the slow-cooker mexican chicken today. Excited to try it for dinner tonight. Thanks for sharing the receipe.

  4. oooh man that looks good *bookmark*