Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011....Farewell 2010

I can't believe that in a few short hours 2011 will be here....

2010 was an amazing year filled with lots of accomplishments:

  • Half PR of 2:15:25
  • First time doing a 30km Race:3:09:53
  • Marathon: 4:49:08

I never thought I would blog, keep track of my KM's or finish another marathon...I am so proud to have done all that and am quite excited for 2011...I am not one for resolutions or crazy goals but here are a few:

  • Finish 30km Around the Bay ( I am not going for a PR since my previous 30km was done in the summer on an easier course)
  • Have a 10km PR : I know that I can crush my old PR of 1:06:10
  • Track every KM that I run or bike
  • Try and add either more yoga or swimming to my workouts
  • Reevaluate my food choices and options (This will be on going but hoping to update at the end up the month)
  • Run a Spring Marathon

*Although I haven't been running as much and did not meet my December Goal of 100km...I am feeling good about my Upcoming Clinic...I always worry about burn out and I feel that this break has done me well and I look forward to all of these new adventures!

HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOGGY FRIENDS! May 2011 bring much happiness and great health!


  1. Happy New Year to you too and good luck with your goals for 2011.

  2. Great luck, I have no doubt you'll reach your goals! I'll be following your Flying Pig Progress :)

  3. Well...I don't know if you're looking for suggestions, but I know of a Spring Marathon - Mississauga :-).