Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Cold Run of the Year and Need some Suggestions

Crazy that last night I was running in Shorts and a hoodie and tonight it was FULL Winter gear...

Now I need some help...My socks were not cutting it tonight...My toes were really cold...What winter socks do you run in? Any suggestions??

Thanks Bloggy Peeps...Any help is much appreciated!

6km Done and Done:)

~Happy Running


  1. Totally not ready for winter was a cold one out there tonight.

  2. I sometimes wear wool socks but only if I am actually running in snow otherwise my feet don't usually get cold. Good Luck!

  3. Hey, I wear ironman socks by Wigwam. Despite not doing triathlons, I like them because I think maybe they're designed to repel water to a certain extent.

    Anyway, I ran through a cold puddle today, and even though my shoes got wet my feet stayed warm!

  4. The PhD running socks for Smartwool are awesome! I use them for all of my runs, regardless of the temp!

  5. Oh jeez I have no advice here :( I'm in Florida!

  6. I wear wool socks from Road Runner Sports. They keep your feet nice and warm!