Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland Tuesday

"I refuse to let winter get the best of me... " was a comment left by fellow Canadian Blogger Laura. Last week the Snow Belt of a City in which I live received 100+cm or (40inches) of Snow in about 2 and a half days. Our entire city shut down. I left the city and headed north to my cottage where there was snow...just less of it...I managed to run 5km outside once last week...Not too shabby (I don't belong to a gym or have access to a treadmill...yes I have access to a gym during the week for 5bucks and free on weekends...but gyms are just not my thing)...

A Picture of my Car last week...you can barely see the 26.2km Magnet

We had a few nice days in there but today another storm is supposed to hit us...we had some bad wind today but so far the 35+cm of snow has not come! We have had some...Here is the Weather Report for Tonight: Feels like -16c (3F) and 5-10cm of snow...CRAZY...

BUT I ran! I wore my wool socks (thank you for all the suggestions!!), layered lots, bundled up and went! It was a slow one...I did not even bother to wear my Garmin as I knew I would probably go crazy looking at the time...I must say that the cold air is pretty refreshing and I was able to get into a rhythm. I realize that last winter we were really lucky with the weather and this one seems like there are going to be some crazy runs in deep snow!

Do you run outside in the Winter?

-Happy Running


  1. That is one crazy run. I did my first treadmill run since it's been cold. Hated every minute. Tomorrow will be 10 with a wind chill of minus 5-10 but I'm thinking I'll try it tomorrow. Had lots of snow which I don't mind but it's icy and that I worry about.

  2. I do run outside in the winter, except for right now with my ankle being a p.i.t.a.

    I brought my nike+ on my last run, but trust me I was not paying attention to my pace at all, all I cared about was trudging through the snow, brutal.

    I hope it stops soon, and on a related note, don't look out your window!

  3. FFS: Is it bad that I hope our city shuts down again???

  4. If we had that much snow, I'd be ecstatic and start cross-country skiing everywhere. Not sure I'd be running though!