Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre-Marathon Week Recap

Hi Bloggy Friends,

It has been a while since my last post...Last week was my Pre-Marathon Start week...It entailed getting back into a routine and schedule...

Here is my Recap:

Sunday: 7km Run with Running Group and 30min Wii Fit Plus Core Work Out
Monday: 30mins Cycle and 30min Wii Fit Core Work Out
Tuesday: 6km Run, Stretching and 37mins of Wii Fit Core
Wednesday: 6km Run and 32mins of Wii Fit Core
Thursday: 6km Run
Friday: 30mins Cycle and 30mins of Wii Fit Core
Saturday: 60min of Hot Yoga

The week started off great...It felt good to get back into a routine again...I find that I can be a bit more productive when on routine...I hate doing core workouts and am now using my new X-Mas present the Wii to help...I find that the stretching and balance exercises are actually helping out a great deal...hoping that this will help since my Core is in DIRE need to help....


I am trying to focus on speed...but with Speed and the Winter it can't happen...

A) I feel completely weighed down by my winter running clothes...It is cold here right now...
B)The sidewalks are completely covered with snow...I feel like I am running in sand...but without looking like some Hot Life Guard from Baywatch....

Sooo I will continue to train and hope that the side walks won't affect my training too much...The snow hasn't defeated me yet!

Like so many other runners I am reading "Racing Weight"

I am finding it an excellent read...I have struggled with my weight for many years. While on Weight Watchers I was able to loose 40lbs in 2008. I was able to keep off up until Chicago Marathon 30lbs...I was pretty proud of that weight loss and have taken many key things from the Weight Watchers program...but now with my training I need a different program and need to look at food as fuel for my training...

I am not at my racing weight...I have a goal weight loss in mind and hope to acheieve before my Fall Marathon Training begins later on in the spring...I believe that this will help my running tremendously...I am taking it one week/one day at a time...I will keep people posted on progress and at some point should probably bring out some pictures...

To Date: I am down 4lbs which is great...One thing I learned and will always take away from WW is slow steady loss...It is the only way to keep it off!

Happy Running!


  1. Nice week back! I am just starting that book as well...hope I can get leaner during this training session.

  2. Madeline said:
    Thnx for the reading suggestions Lish! I will have to check this one out. I've always struggled with what "optimal weight" I want to be in for running and after last year's marathon training, I ended up with 10 extra lbs!