Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marathon Training Week 1 Recap...Plus Green Smoothie :)

Hi Bloggy World:

Week One had some ups and a little bit of a down:

Sunday: 10km: Great hilly run with good friends. Snowy as usual :)
Monday: 45mins Cycle
Tuesday: 6km (My very first Noon Hour Run!!! Woot Woot!) 30mins Wii Fit Work Out
Wednesday: 10.30km Snowy again...
Thursday: 6km..More snow...slowed it down as it was mighty slippy out!

All in all I was feeling great...Friday was a Scheduled Rest Day and Sat. I wanted to attend a Hot Yoga Class...Unfortunately without getting into all of the crazy details...and re-living the trauma...Friday night I ended up in Emerg. severely dehydrated...not quite sure what it was...CT Scan's had...luckily I have an amazing family, friends and a super Dr. Dad....All was well but I was a mess in the end....I could barely do anything on Sat/Sun/Mon....Today I was able to go back to work and hope to start running again sometime this week....

I missed a few runs but I know that I will get back into it....I am not worried...I might try a dreadmill run tomorrow...just feel a little bit safer starting in a controlled environment!

Happy Faces...All is Good!

Weekly Weigh In : -5.6lbs

I jumped on the Bandwagon Tonight and made my first Spinach Smoothie...Super Tasty...This has become a favourite...

Lots o' Spinach
Frozen Strawberries
2 Prunes (pitted)
Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt

Blend it all up!

Happy Running!!


  1. Oh my...that is scary! Hope you are feeling better. Green smoothies are the best with blueberries in them. I love those...

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  3. I am feeling great! Thank you for the message...hmmm will try blueberries tomorrow!

  4. That smoothie doesn't look that appetizing to me. Don't think I could drink that......I think it's the colour. Do you really enjoy it or just can tolerate it?

  5. No...It is honestly SOOO good....I use the strawberries and vanilla yogurt for their stronger flavours...that is what you taste....I'll make one and you can try it!!!

  6. Hi! Thanks for the follow! :) I can't wait to get to know you and read about your running adventures!
    PS I think your smoothie looks delicious!