Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running in the Heat

I run in the heat...I like running after work which usually means the hottest time of the day...

Here are some of my tips for Running in the Heat...I just completed 6km and it was 30 degrees (86) but felt more like 40 degrees (102)

1. Wear good technical clothing...no cotton...that is rotten

2. HAT or Visor!!!!!!

3. Wear Sunscreen

4. Hydrate!!!...but most importantly BRING EXTRA (Today I ran with my Camel Back as it holds more)

5. Wear a Heart Rate Monitor....keep track of where your heart is at...

6. Take breaks when needed!!

7. Run to a SPLASH PAD...these things are the best...the kids always get a kick out of me running through them too...

8. Run early in the morning or later at night (I ran at 4:45pm tonight...not smart...but I love having the rest of my night free)

9. Bring some cash with you on your run so you can stop for a cold drink, freezie, Popsicle etc...I didn't do it this time but I am having a craving for a blue freezie!!

10. Replace those electrolytes....don't forget to hydrate with a water substitute if needed...On days like today I will have a V8 with my lunch just to make sure I have enough sodium for my run!

Do you run in the HEAT? Any other tips or suggestions???


  1. CARRY ID or tell someone where you are going! I always wear my roadID and yesterday morning when I went out I forgot it and was totally freaked out.
    I will freeze my water if it is really hot out as well. In reallllllyyyy hot weather, I will soak my hat and stick that in the freezer as well. :)

  2. I try to run in the morning while it's cool, but it's hit and miss whether I'm willing to give up my sleep in time, so my actual tip is one that you said - HYDRATION!

    I like to drink lots of water even when I'm not running I find it helps a bit.

    (Some relief from the heat today at least!)

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I love running through the splash pads after a hard workout and just standing beneath the constant stream of near frigid water. I do get some strange looks from onlookers and I do wonder if the kids mind me running through their water, it's all in great fun though!

    This week's weather is much more conducive to running, time to enjoy it while we can!