Monday, September 19, 2011

The Hubby Races Too!!!

The Hubby (Conor, Con-Bon, Con-Bon-Jovi, Condor)...found a cycling race...I was so excited for him when he signed up...On Friday after work we headed to Collingwood, Blue Mountain resort for the Centurion Cycling Series of races...We were able to get there in time for him to pre-register and we also stopped by the Centurion Brand shop and we picked him up a toque, a shirt and a water bottle...It was really nice atmosphere...I was looking forward to visiting the shops the next day...After registration we quickly checked into the hotel, had a bite to eat then headed to bed...

We woke up in the morning and Conor had the feeling that most of us have on race day...the combo of nervousness and excitement...I was so proud of him and just really happy that he would be able to have a race that just he was was his day to celebrate!

Arriving at the Event


Now I turn over the rest of the race report to the Hubby:

This morning as the cool early day's mist was still present, I knocked off yet another one of my life long dreams from my never ending bucket list. As cycling road races go, the Blue Mountain Centurion road race boasts some of the steepest climbs, strongest winds, and most picturesque views one rider can ever endeavor and witness. Initially, the profile of the ride appeared to me to be a long climb straight up, a turn around point, followed by a rewarding decent toward the village and red flapping flags below. This I can assure you, was not the case. It seemed just as I crested one relentless climb, the big blue threw yet another vertical my way. Part way through the race I was wondering what I had landed myself into. It wasn't until the tour back after the u-turn that I became so proud of how far I had come, not only on this day but with my overall cycling successes. I was so proud of myself. Don't get me wrong, although I was pumped when I saw the end of the road in my sights, this event was also very humbling. I was among not only my fellow cycling enthusiasts and amateur racers, but I was quick to feel the swoosh as the true pro racers ripped past. I only had mere seconds, and an ever so slight chance to ride within their speedy draft. The race started out very fast, tires millimeters apart as we approached climb number one. I was told by many to 'start slow and save your juice for the hills', but I couldn't help resist the temptation to spin spokes along side the best of the best, dreaming that I too am among the sponsored Cervello or Cannondale Canada teams. A guy can dream no? Nonetheless, I finished 185th out of 652 participants and 137th place in my gender of 394 men. So not in pro time by far, but also not DFL (dead FN last). The best part of the day was obviously the finish line, not for just the obvious reasons, but primarily because of a cute missy, dressed in her bright pink hoodie, cow bell in one hand and camera in the other, smile from ear to ear, waiting for her hubby at the end of his challenging road. Lishy, was my inspiration for this days road race. She herself passes numerous finish lines at her marathons, triathlons, etc. and I now understand why she puts herself through the agony of her day after day of strenuous training. Its all for that millisecond when you realize... you did it... for run, ride, or swim or whatever...with the elite, the pinnacle of your sport, and also just because... it feels great to clear one more of the challenges of life.

Just Finished and Still Smiling!!!

We had a wonderful time....As a spectator it was so much fun! I loved cheering for riders as they came in....Blue Mountain is a wonderful venue...I wasn't able to see him on the course so I had an hour before the riders were coming back in...I was able to visit some of the shops and grab a coffee...

I loved being a spectator and was so proud of Conor...I know that this is just the start and he now has the racing bug...maybe a duathlon in the future? Congratulations CONOR! I am so proud of you and love you so much!