Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi All,

I am still around...really haven't been blogging at all but have been reading lots...

I will post pictures of: The awesome Cruiser Bikes my Hubby and I restored (more to come)....basically when not running I have been biking to try and get in as many KM's as possible for the MS ride and just to keep on our sweet bikes...

I have been biking to work 3-5 times per week (total round trip is 5km...hehe...REALLY close)

Running Wise things are going great...I think the reason for lack of blogging is because I have added an extra day...I am finding it tiring but far I am right on track for Chicago Marathon...

Happy Running...sweet pics to come!


  1. You're a lucky duck to live so close to work! Can't wait to see these wheels. Happy Riding!

  2. Usually a break from blogging means a break from running. Good to hear you still at it strong!