Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011 in Pictures

I have TOTALLY been failing with the blog...I think that I have been just so busy with summer, training, spending time with family and friends and training that I haven't been able to make this a priority....I am sorry for are some pictures to recap my amazing month of July...

I ran a total of 192km this month...I am REALLY happy with that number...I only missed out on running about 30km total for the month...I skipped that because of the MS bike tour(88km the first day and 77km the next)...I cycled 288km this month (more than that actually because I don't count my cruiser bike KM or my KM to work and back)! Happy with that number for sure! I also have been swimming :)

We bought Cruiser bikes (because we don't own enough with mountain and road...) and we completely fixed them up...we ride them everywhere!

This is us on Canada Day!!!

We went to the U2 Concert :)

We completed a two day bike tour...88km the First day followed by 77km the next...we biked from Grand Bend Ontario to London and back the next day...The Hubby started a team this year called "On Your left". He did an amazing job..check out the sweet jersey's he designed...let me say...we looked AWESOME on the big day...

I have not only been training for Chicago Marathon but also the Niagara Triathlon: 750m Swim, 25km Bike, and 7km Run...I am really nervous and excited at the same time...I knew that eventually I would do a triathlon...I love swimming and I really started to get into cycling last year with the MS ride and the purchase of a Road Bike...I thought that this one best fit into my Marathon Training Cycle...Sunday is going to be an exciting day!!!

This years MS ride gave me a lot of confidence for the actual bike ride...if all goes well with this race and I can see myself enjoying the sport I know that I would love to do a "Half Ironman" next summer so...we will see what Sunday Brings!!

After the Bike Ride I headed straight up to Muskoka for the Week...I spent time with my family...It was much needed....I don't want to Taper too much so I will play this week by ear...I am hoping to get at least one more swim in this week!

Happy Running Everyone!!!!


  1. Looks like a fabulous and fun July! Love the bike jerseys.

  2. Great month! Good luck at the tri - can't wait to hear how it goes! You'll do great!!!

  3. Great July stats...Congrats on entering the TRI...exciting!

  4. Good luck on Sunday. I was going to bring my kids to watch all the action and maybe get bit by the 'Tri-bug' myself.

  5. You had a PHENOMENAL July! Thanks for sharing your pics and updates on your blog. I'm enjoying your posts on the DailyMile and thinks it's exceptionally cool that you are swimming and biking so much these days, too!

  6. Wow it sounds like you have so much going on, so many positive things, congrats!