Friday, December 9, 2011

Update: Good and Bad

Well I went to the Doctor yesterday:

The Good: No ligament swelling etc...+++ I was most worried about this and luckily it looks like all is good...No stress fracture

The Bad: Just because it didn't show stress fracture doesn't mean it might not exist...

So basically I am starting Physio on Thursday for an LCL strain?? He really does not know what it is...although my IT band is tight it isn't necessarily presenting that way...I am going to continue to roll and stretch but I have been given the go ahead to start doing a bit more...Lots of unknowns and I am hoping physio will be a big help!

my heart aches for running....but I know that this is going to be a I will learn a great deal from!

Tonight I got on the bike trainer for 30mins and although the knee felt off there was no that is good...I have a work Holiday Party tonight and hoping to make the 8:30am Yoga Class...we'll see if it happens!

Thanks for listening to my ongoing complaining and disclosure of my depression related to not running!


  1. I'm glad it isn't BAD bad news. Keep listening to your body! Have fun tonight :)

  2. I really feel for you and I think you seem to be handling it pretty well. I'd be full on mental! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Wow, not a great way to start the new year, however, sometimes switching it up works better than trying to run through it. When I tore my meniscus it made me fast-forward to the pool for some swim therapy. Very easy on the body and strengthens everywhere!