Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not good at waiting....

I am a very inpatient person...I hate not good at it! Sooo here is the thing...I need to wait until December 8th for some results...I finally broke down and went to a Sports Med Doc...

Last week I had two amazing acupuncture sessions...I am so impressed and will have a full review and videos I took of it in a few weeks...BUT I still was having pain that is with me pretty much throughout the day...I drive stick and so I notice it when I use the clutch...and after walking long distances or doing some of my core workouts I noticed it...I went for one run last week and again noticed it....not good...not good at all..

I am pretty fortunate to have access to one of the best sports med clinics in all of Canada. I had an appointment we had a discussion...I cried telling him how running was my life...and did a few tests on my left leg...felt around...and then said those dreaded words all runners hate...

STRESS FRACTURE or some type of ligament issues but he is treating it like a stress fracture
no running and he is letting me try cycling...I have serious doubts that cycling will be pain free...basically I can pinpoint some direct pain and then my knee just aches all over...ugh...everything is tights and I wait until December 8th, 2011 when the results of my xray and ultrasound come back...we discussed a bone scan but I declined as I do not think the amount of radiation I would be exposed to is worth it...

Anyway...that is what is up with me....I am going back to acupuncture which excites me big time and I will need to book a massage for December to help out as well!


  1. Oh no!!! Sorry to hear that! Hope whatever it is (hopefully not a stress fracture) heals fast!!

  2. Alicia, I am soooo sorry to read this. I recognize how important running is to you and how much of a stress this is causing you.

    However, I am VERY proud of you for going to see a sports doctor [personally, I avoided seeing one after I injured myself, willing myself to believe that I was not "that badly" injured when in fact I was. :( ]. I am confident that you will be an even BETTER runner after this experience, moving forward with the knowledge you will gain from your doctor, from your physiotherapist, etc. Keep your spirit up (easier said than done). This might be a step 'back' for now but it will result in TWO steps forward! :) :) :)

  3. Oh dear....wishing you good news.
    (I am seriously impatient...I would be cracked waiting around..)

  4. Good luck with upcoming tests!

  5. Yikes, I'm so sorry! :( I would be losing my mind. God luck!!!