Thursday, November 24, 2011

Allied Medal Disply Review and Photos!

Remember way back in the early summer when I got a tattoo? Here is a pic just in case you forget :)

After many months of trying to figure out how I wanted to display my race medals I gave in and decided that I needed a Medal Hanger. There was no question where I was going to go...I knew immediately that Allied Medal Displays would be for me!

Before finalizing my decision I contacted Joel at Allied Medal Displays and he answered all my questions and was speedy about it too!

I meant to take a picture of the wonderful packaging but I was WAY too excited and opened it immediately!!

I have been pretty down about not being able to run the past few weeks...this was the PERFECT pick me up...The handy hubby of mine installed it for me in about 2mins flat!

So back to my tattoo....well the Medal Hanger Matches :)

I am so please with how it turned out Allied Medal Displays was wonderful to work with, the quality is amazing...and it looks super sleek and just play awesome! If you haven't checked them out I def' would...get those Medals out of your drawers and shoe boxes and put them on Display!


  1. Oh that looks GREAT and I love that it matches your tattoo.

    But, um, you need another one now! It's FULL! :)

  2. Haha...I know...crazy eh! Apparently I can fit 8 more on there...and well I'll need a whole new one for our Muncie Medal!!

  3. Love it! It looks GREAT and I think it is very, very cool that it matches your tattoo, too! I agree with @Marlene - it looks like you need a new one already! I find it hard to believe it can fit EIGHT more when it looks full enough as is!

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic and I love that it matches your tatoo. I so need to get my medals hung up too! Thanks for the motivation!!!