Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye October and Hello November

Hi Everyone,

October has been a bitter sweet month for me...I had an amazing time in Chicago and was able to celebrate my 30th birthday! Although I am so proud of finishing Chicago I also know that it was not my best race...

The week after I felt amazing...did a very slow recovery run 4 days later and had NO PAIN...it felt great...

The Sunday after I did a 24km run...my plan was to run the Road2Hope full marathon...my body was feeling great and mentally I was doing even better...near the end of that run I started to have some weird knee pain...I stretched out my legs and finished and felt fine...I chalked it up to not so great shoes....I switched back and took a solid rest day...

I then ran a 5km and 10km runs both had more knee pain...I took the rest of the week off and even skipped my long run...I made the executive decision to switch from the Full Marathon to the Half. I ran a great 5km and had no pain for 4.8km and suddenly that twinge came back...I immediately stopped and walked home...(during this time I have been stretching like MAD and rolling and icing).

I did yoga and I also saw my massage therapist....She basically thinks that EVERYTHING is tight...IT band, Quads, Calves and Hamstrings...It was a painful session that is for sure...I took MORE rest days then on Sunday I attempted a VERY slow 12km...it was okay a little off...later that day and since then my knee feels like garbage...I am basically benching myself from running for a minimum of two weeks...Then I'll attempt to SLOWLY increase my mileage...If things don't get better I'll go to the sports doctor...I am pretty sure this is just an overuse injury and a few other this..but most importantly my body needs rest from running...

So in the mean time...I will continue to get my Yoga on...I've started a pushup challenge with girlfriends and I am taking FULL advantage of the awesome fitness classes offered through my work...today was Tanktop Arms and tomorrow is some strength and conditioning and stability classes...I will beat this but not beat myself up over it....I will be back in full force in time for January training...I know I have a sub 4:27:53 marathon in me...I also know I am so close to a Sub 2:00h marathon....

Now that Halloween is over I need to find my self control again, keep moving, eat less and get my sweat on...this will only make me stronger!!


  1. AWW bummer that you won't be able to run Hamilton.. I could have paced you to that sub-2! better to play it safe and make sure you get better.

  2. Sorry you'll miss Hamilton but good idea to be safe. Hang in there.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your race! I'm sure all the yoga plus a good massage here and there will help out.