Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here in Ontario it is a LONG weekend! it...Even though I did take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off this week..hehe...Vacay 3 days, work 2 days then only a 4 day work week this week...I am I am on vacation the following week...really spoiled...

Anyway...Week in Review...

Last Sunday after my 20km run in the middle of a blizzard the weather cleared up nicely and the Hubby and I headed to Muskoka for a few days...It was wonderful...

Monday: We went Downhill Skiing...I love downhill skiing (I used to be a Certified Instructor and also worked with the Track 3 program...It teaches kids with different abilities to ski...I loved it and miss is a lot...

Tuesday: 6km Tempo

Wednesday: 10km Tempo

Thursday: Hot Yoga

Friday: 8km Steady/Hot Yoga

Saturday: 1 hour Trainer ride on the bike

Sunday 23km LSD (Long Slow Distance)

I did my usual weigh in on Sat. and after all of the cottage feasting I was worried but I did loose another 1.8 lbs for a Total Loss of 15.2 lbs since January...

I must say that I am doing a great job of eating clean, having a well balanced diet...I have no eliminated a single thing...Everything in moderation, I am watching my portion sizes and WOW what a difference when you eat healthy...I have so much energy and I also feeling like I am eating a lot and often...I do try and get my 8 glasses of water in each day and more if I have a tough workout...I tend to drink a lot of Nuun on workout days....

I found this picture on my Camera that I had TOTALLY forgot about...On December 31, 2011 my mum and I participated in the Resolution Run...I was so proud of her as this fall she completed the 10km Walking Program at the Running Room...I ran the 10km and she walked it that night...Beyond proud of her!!

Anyway this week is technically my first week of 70.3 training...there is NO turning back now :)


  1. Have fun, I am still building my Tri base.

  2. I had yesterday off as lieu and Monday as stat...I still want more days off. :)
    Great pic of you and your mom!

  3. You have lost a ton of weight - wow, congrats!!!

    Glad you had a nice little getaway, and still got some awesome training in too.