Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pure Fit Nutrition Bar Review

Like some other bloggers out there I was contacted by PureFit Nutrition Bars to do a review of their gluten-free sports nutrition bars...

I going to start off by saying that I am NOT a bar person...I have tried almost every bar out there and almost every GU/GEL/BEAN/Chew etc...I have a very sensitive stomach and have trouble eating anything before a run/ride/swim...

I was pretty hesitant about these bars and I find that most bars actually taste plastic like and have a weird shiny glaze on them...totally not natural..


PureFit Nutrition Bars

  • NO Hydrogenated Oils
  • NO Animal Products - Vegan
  • NO Cholesterol or Trans Fatty Acids
  • NO Wheat or Gluten
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO Hidden Carbohydrates
  • NO Sugar Alcohol
PureFit Nutrition Bars are specifically designed to give you sustained energy and help stabilize blood sugar.

I immediately liked the packaging...All the information I needed was right there, easy to ready and I did not feel like they were hiding anything...also one neat thing is on the back of the bar...

Hard to read in that picture but is says "Adopt Your Next Dog or Cat" with a little that and there are so many animals out there in need of a home!

On to the taste: 30mins prior to my 6km Tempo Run on Tuesday I took half of the Almond Crunch Bar...I love how it was easy to break in half as usually I cannot tolerate a full bar, it was soft, not too dry and there was no plastic taste or "sheen".  They were full of really tasted pretty amazing... I was pleasantly surprised. It was DELICIOUS...The best part was when I did my run and had ZERO digestive issues...BIG BONUS!!!  When I got home I immediately ate the rest of the bar...I found the bars to be filling as well.

They sent me 5 bars and here is the order in which I liked them best:

1.  Peanut Butter Crunch
2.  Chocolate Brownie
3.  Almond Crunch
4.  Granola Crunch
5.  Berry Almond Crunch 

The Purefit website is great...There is a lot of info there including a local retail finder.  I am lucky that a health food store here in London sells them...I definitely plan on using these in my Half-Ironman training!

Pure Fit Nutrition Bars has provided me with a coupon code that will save you 25% off your first order. Enter code PROMO25 at checkout to receive the discount.
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*PureFit Nutrition Bars provided me five nutrition bars to taste   and review. I was not compensated for this review otherwise. All opinions expressed here are my own.*

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