Monday, July 9, 2012

Muncie Race Report

Muncie 70.3 37.2 Race Report :  This is long...bear with me....Will do a separate post with pics...Just wanted to get this out there....

So the hubby and I left early Friday morning to head to Muncie Indiana. I felt ready...I knew that it was going to be hot but I felt VERY ready. I have trained in the heat, I have run two Marathons and two 30k races in a ton of heat and humidity. The day before the race we were sent an email stating the the start of the race has been moved up 30mins to help accommodate the heat. 

We arrived to the Expo and Packet Pick-up.  I checked in, grabbed my stuff bought some stuff at the Ironman Store....No one there said ANYTHING about changing the race.  All the official maps were up....people were excited...everyone thought it was going to be a half-ironman.  It was very busy there...

We left and headed to the Olive Garden so I could begin the carb-load fest...while at the Olive Garden another athlete approached me in the bathroom and told me the "News" that is that been shortened to an Olympic Distance Race...I am not going to lie...I cried...I ran back to the table and was in tears....

I had trained my butt off since January, had registered for the race in AUGUST of last year...I felt robbed...I was mad at Ironman for the way they told us (I could go into a huge rant about them but I am not...I am too tired and don't want to waste any energy on that). 

We went to the Athlete Mtg. learned of the changes and then headed back to the hotel...It really does suck when the choice is made for your by something like the *Weather.  I really did try and remain as positive as possible about the whole thing and wanted to focus on having a good time.  When in that environment it is pretty darn easy to get caught up in a lot of the negativity.  It came down to it wasn't just about the Athletes we also had to think about the volunteers and support crew....

We took my bike to check in and toured around the site for an hour.  I dipped my legs into the water and it was around 89 degrees.  It was HOT...It was basically like a giant bath tub...

We pre-purchased from a house across the street a parking pass for $ was WELL worth it....So easy on race morning and it allowed the hubby to go back and forth to the car very easily...also at the end of the race we had no issues getting out and loading the car...

I went to bed late knowing I wouldn't get a good night sleep.  The alarm went off at 3:15am.  I got up, had a coffee, a banana with pb and that was all.  I was still super full from the olive garden and knew I didn't really need any crazy amount of calories. 

We arrived at the race start, I set up my transition area and we waited for the race to start.  45mins before I ate a Honey Stinger Waffle. 

My swim wave started at 7:10am.  I parked myself right at the back of the pack...

The swim went pressure, no panic...just kept moving forward.  The water was about 86-88 degrees.  It was hot...not refreshing....just hot...I felt like I had a comfortable swim and was very happy...

Swim 1600m:  37:51

Transition 1 5:27:  All was going was a VERY long run from the water to my bike then out the bike start...very long...I did everything pretty quickly got halfway to the bike out and my aero bottle broke...I RAN it back to my transition area and left it crappy that it broke but better now than loose it completely on the bike...

Bike 30miles :1:32:22: 30km/h   Super flat and fast...I loved it...had a great time and just relaxed and enjoyed myself.  I put a Canada Flag tattoo on my leg and when people passed they said "Go Canada".  I will do this again for sure. I didn't even notice the heat.  I had half of a bottle of gatorade G2 and two gels. 

Transition 2: 3:01:  I was a little slow due to people taking up huge amounts of bike space in is what it is...I forgot to take off my bike gloves so I ended up stuffing them in my pack pocket...I know for the future...Again...the run to the Run Out was fairly long compared to other events I have done.  I took a gel here...

Run 10km:  1:00:12:  Holy Hot batman!  I really noticed the heat!  I slowed considerably and just ran to the aid stations.  I took ice and water at each station and alternated with taking ironman pre-form and cola.  I had two Rocket Candies on the run...nothing was too hot and I didn't want to get sick as my stomach was starting to get upset....People were passing out and walking right left and centre.  I basically ran the entire time except walked the aid stations. 

Total Time:  3:18:52


-I have the best husband...he is the best support crew and Sherpa around.  He was so understanding and supportive and just let me vent, made me laugh and bought me ice cream when I was feeling like crap.  He immediately said that my journey is not over and that he'll be at my next race and helped me to pick it out...What a guy!  He just rocks! 

-The volunteers were AMAZING...I can't thank them enough...they were out there in the heat and loving it and so supportive....They truly made the race...I would go back to Muncie again just for that support group...

-My journey is not OVER...I will attempt to race another race this season.  It will be a risky race as in the past the swim has been cancelled a few times.  I am already setting myself up for the worst so that I won't be disappointed come race day...I will be doing Ironman Steelhead on August 19, 2012.  I looked at all my race options and this is the only one that will work with my schedule.  I basically have 6 weeks to prepare.  I am feeling great after the race...some soreness but no pain...I am going to do an active recovery week this week and take it easy on all of my  workouts....

Thanks for reading...sorry this is so long....




  1. That's so disappointing I'm sure. I think a lot of rances are being cancelled and shortened this summer beacause of the heat! From the sounds of your experience, the heat sounded brutal. Congrats on your even though, you did great! Hope the August date turns out better for you weather wise :)

  2. That totally stinks that the race was shortened, but I guess if that many people were passing out/struggling at the end of the shortened race it as probably the right call. Good job with the race considering the heat!!! Way to go! Can't wait to hear about the other race! Hoping that the swim doesn't get cancelled for you!

  3. I had such mixed emotions when they cut the distance. I was relieved but right now I feel a bit empty inside, like I didn't get to accomplish what I set out to do. Like it was a trick. But, then again, I really didn't want to have my first race be in 100 degree heat where I couldn't really measure what I was capable of.

    We'll have to meet up in Steelhead! I'm sure I saw you before we started our swim Saturday! :)

  4. As I tweeted..what a drag but glad you found another race and made the best of this wacky weather.

  5. They were assholes about how they announced it! I was so offended and I wasn't even racing.
    We were totally at the same places at the same time. We were in the same yard parking!!!
    I'm glad you're going for Steelhead!

  6. I am truly disappointed for you guys, but so glad you were able to make the most of it and had a great race out there. Sounds like you handled the conditions better than some. Keeping fingers crossed starting now for NO COURSE CHANGES AT STEELHEAD! Congratulations!!!

  7. So sorry they shortened the race and didn't tell you properly but congrats on making through what sounds like a tough race. That is awesome!