Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Stats

Hi All,

I have been flabby lately with the postings....I have to admit that I am LOVING this downtime from running...I do miss my routine and all but taking a breather is nice....I was so close singing up for the Raod2Hope Half Marathon...I know a quite a few people doing the half and full...for some reason though I couldn't quite bring myself to register...today I finally gave in...went to the website...and it was FULL!!! I am actually pretty relieved...The reasons why I was doing it was so that I could have a new PB....My half PB is 2:15:25 in April...although at my 30km at the 21.1km mark I did a 2:12:51...sooo I sort of have that as a PB...I felt I was doing it "just" to get that number down...not to actually wanting to have fun...hence the waiting to sign up...soooooo I think this is good...I need a break from running and I will be getting it for a little bit...Also I think I would be pretty disappointed if I went and didn't get a PB...emotionally this would have been a stupid decision if I signed up...

Now...I DID however sign up for Around the Bay Road Race!!! I am really excited to do this 30km race....I have never done it, and have heard so many people talk about it! A new goal to keep me on track!

Life is good....feeling a little sore from last week (I was gardening and pulled my right hammy) so this week I am going to take it easy...

October Stats: 130km....not bad considering I took an entire week off after the marathon and took the week before as an *easy* week...

My goal is to roughly run 30km per week until my Marathon Clinic begins on January 6, 2010!!

Happy Running


  1. That's a lot of miles with a week off and an easy week. Great job! Happy running in NOvember :)

  2. I agree...you've gotta feel excited when you register for a race right :) That 30K sounds like the perfect race for you!

  3. Great job in Oct! I am in for the Bay as well. It is such an interesting race...I love it.

  4. Hmm...maybe a bloggy bay meet up!