Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yak Trax Review

So I have had them for sometime...mostly use them to walk the dog or when at the cottage in the Winter...never for running...Tonight I was actually pleasantly surprised. I ran on hard/soft packed snow...and I did find I was able to keep my speed steady and had better running form...I don't think I would want to wear them for more than 10km and def' not a tempo run but overall I am happy and if this snow keeps up I will be wearing them a lot more!

Has anyone else run with something similar??

Happy Running!

**I was not paid by Yak Trax...I purchased mine years ago and am finally using them


  1. I haven't....I fear hitting a 'non' patch of ice/snow and wiping out on the pavement..
    but I am a total klutz so I worry about things others don't. :)

  2. i tried them a few years ago when we still lived in KC and was totally suprised how comfortable they were to run in... but laura is right only when there is lots of snow and no ice

  3. I did a little bit of a review of different ones I have used here.