Monday, June 28, 2010

It is Sticky out there...

The last week has been extra humid in Ontario...I thought we were going to have some thunderstorms yesterday morning and was wishing it just so that it could potentially break this humidity...we got some rain in the afternoon but it did not do much...It is currently 26 degrees out there but it feels like 35....I am thinking about going for a bike ride this evening but we will see..I might need to have a rest day...

Last week's Recap

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 6.8km Tempo
Wednesday: 10km Tempo
Thursday: Hour and a half bootcamp
Friday: 8km
Saturday: Rest Day (IT band has been acting up)
Sunday: Long Slow 13.25km

38km this week...not too shabby...I need to be getting on the bike a bit more with the MS bike ride coming up!

So far so good...trying to listen to my body and keep on top of all the IT band feelings...lots of stretching and strengthening last night as well as some icing...tonight I plan to roll and ice as well...

This week will be a similar week however Sunday I increase my distance to 16km! I am actually starting to look forward to these longer distances...crazy I know!

Don't forget about my Nuun giveaway....last day to enter...

Can you believe that by the end of this week we will be LESS than 100 Days! Crazy...somehow Chicago seemed so far away in February when I signed it is so close yet there is so much training to happen!

Happy Running!

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