Monday, June 21, 2010

Niagara on the Lake Bike Trip

Hi All,

We had a fabulous day on the trails...It was almost 30km each way...we stopped to take pictures, have snacks, lunch and enjoy certain look outs....I would encourage everyone to try the trail system in easy and it can take you quite far!

Hubby getting the bikes ready

The Hubby

Just before we set off on our little trip

Map of the Trail System

Such a beautiful day...The trail was filled with these lookout points

Almost there

The American Side of the Falls

Downtown Niagara Falls

The Amazing Horseshoe Falls...I have seen them tons of times...and I LOVE them...

There were a ton of tourists so hard to get pictures...the mist was so refreshing!

The Super cool wine barrel bike rack

Fort George

The Queen's Landing Hotel where we got married almost 7 months ago...It is so hard to believe that in my MOH's speech she said that she wanted to run Chicago and here we are in the midst of training...

So lucky to live in Ontario where in only a few hours we were able to experience this! Pure awesomeness!

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