Wednesday, March 30, 2011

45 Days :)

I can't believe that in 45 Days I will be running my 3rd Marathon. Yikes!! Training has been going really well this cycle. I am pumped about my 3:12:43 at Around the Bay 30km...It was a challenging course...Although Mississauga Marahton is a net downhill there are hills...a big one at the 10km and quite a few rolling ones...I am proud because last week I did not was my Highest Mileage week to date with 60km (37miles) and I was able to be strong on the ATB course... I hope I can re-create that on May 15, 2011. I have been doing my hill training every week and will continue to with 9-hill repeats tonight... Next week is my last hill week then I will starting doing some longer tempo runs and Yasso 800's :) I plan on following my Running Scheduled for the next 7 weeks...Currently I am running 4 days per week with an attempt at two cross training sessions. I am going to try and manage another 6km steady run on Saturdays...My legs have been feeling good...if they start to stress then I will pull back and continue with my stretching, rolling and icing plan with only 4 days run (one long slow distance, tempo run (6km), hills training (8-15km) and a steady run (8-10km)...I am hoping that by Chicago I can increase that mileage big time! How often do you run in a week to prepare for a full marathon???


  1. I only ran once a week or so to prepare for my marathons, with the elliptical as cross-training 3-4 days a week in between. I think as long as you're feeling good on the long runs, you'll be fine.

  2. I used to run 6days a week for my first marathon - way too much. Now, I'm training for my second and running 3-4 quality runs a week.

  3. I only run 3 days a week and have successfully completed 4 marathons on this plan. Of course, I do lots of cross training (spinning, strength training, yoga & fitness classes) on the other days. I just found that I developed too many injuries when I was running more then this.