Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Week of March Recap

I can't believe that the first week of March has come and gone!!!

My number one goal this month is to do more cross-training and less full rest days!

So March Goals:

Rest Days: 5 max

Cross-Training: 7 times min

KM/Miles: 180/112

This Week's Recap

Tuesday: 6km Tempo Run: I had a GREAT RUN! Going to do the same route this week because it was perfect for tempos...finally felt like I had some speed.

Wednesday: 7.22km with 5 Hill repeats (Need to try and run for a bit longer on these nights)

Thursday: 8km Steady (Had a great run again and was able to keep a consistent pace...this could be because I had great luck with Street Lights and the sidewalks were fairly clear)

Friday: Hot Yoga at the Yoga Shack super great...It was really challenging...

Saturday: 26km at a SLOW pace on a TREADMILL! Yes the ENTIRE run was on a treadmill..the weather in London was rainy...really rainy and they were calling for floods...A) Did not want to run in rain...I did not need a repeat of Flying Pig '10 B). The Park system can be dicey when it floods...C). I couldn't run on Sunday so the Treadmill it was...

Lindsay was able to keep me going for the 3 hours we were there...The positives were that we kept a STEADY pace the entire way...we had access to bathrooms and water...we took the time and stretched after the run...This helped a lot...need to do more...It was a good reminder to keep that pace slow for Sundays...We have a tendency to go I did kind of like that...I really hope that I do not do another treadmill run that long again this cycle...

Sunday: Evening Hot Yoga...can't get enough of the Hot Yoga...I just feel so great after and have NEVER sweat that much on any run....

Anyone else out there addicted to Hot Yoga like me?!?!?

~Happy Running!


  1. 26km...on a are amazing...

  2. Great job on the week. WOW to 26K on the treadmill. That takes some mental strength!

  3. SO addicted to hot yoga :) I love it.
    Congrats on the awesome treadmill 26k!