Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Recap

Monthly Goals

Number of Runs: 16
Number of Actual Runs: 15

Goal: 150km/93miles
Achieved: 162.23/100.8


Goal: 6
Achieved: 2 (It was a bad month...Muskoka and Toronto Trips) Here is to doing better in March...

Rest Days:

Goal: 5
Achieved: 11 haha...I EXCEL in rest days!!!

*I took too many rest days and did not cross train enough....my goal is to focus on that for March and to stretch and roll a great deal more.

I am really happy with the number of runs and the Total KM's...I am right on Track with Tall Mom's 1000 Miles Club :)

Environment Canada issue a statement yesterday saying that March, April and May will be colder...man...last St. Patty's Day I ran in Shorts and a T-Shirt....tonight's run will feel like -13 ugh....Winter...I do love you but please...I need spring....

Side Note: Last night I had a GREAT tempo Run....6km in 33min10sec for a 5:29 overall pace (per KM). I have not seen numbers like that since October! Hoping I can really focus those Tempo Runs...I have now find a great 3km out and back to help with those!

Happy Running....Can't believe it is already Wednesday!

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  1. I'm so ready for spring too. SO ready. I find the warm weather really helps me enjoy my runs even more, because I feel like I want to keep running so I can spent more time in the sun :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am happy to be home safe too, although it's definitely a bummer that I didn't get to have the adventure I had hoped for. However, now I will be doing the races I originally had planned for 2011 - including ATB 30k! Perhaps we should meet up! :)