Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marathon Training Week 9 Review

Well I cannot believe that Week 9 is already over ! Only two weeks until Around the Bay

Week #9

Sunday: 60min Hot Yoga (I def' needed it after doing 26km on the treadmill the day before!)

Monday: 18mins Wii Fit Boxing, 10mins Biggest Loser Arms, 10mins of Biggest Loser Abs and 50mins cycle on my indoor trainer.

Tuesday: Great 6km Tempo run

Wednesday: 11.5km with 5 hill repeats

Thursday: Steady 8km

Friday: REST DAY (ps. That was my FIRST rest day for March! Woohoo!)

Saturday: 60min Hot Yoga (delicious on a Saturday morning)

Sunday: Today I did a good 19km at a slow pace. It was super nice to have a cut back week is 29km and it looks like it will be on Saturday....

So Around the Bay is on March 27th, 2011...It is now on the 14 Day Weather trend...I have now become obsessed with checking the weather! Anyone else out there do that??

**Tomorrow plan is to do another cycle while watching the Bacholrette!!! Anyone else watching? Who are you rooting for?

1 comment:

  1. I am a weather-checking FREAK when it comes to races. Seriously, I am obsessed.

    Congrats on a great week = nice job with the runs and cross-training.